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FFXIV Patch 6.4 Introduces Game-Changing Gearing System Overhaul

Final Fantasy XIV community received some unexpected news during a live letter, leaving many players excited and intrigued. The game's gearing system was undergoing a significant overhaul with the release of Patch 6.4, and the changes promised to address long-standing player concerns and frustrations. In this guide, we'll delve into the details of the FFXIV gearing system overhaul, exploring why these changes were necessary and how they will impact the player experience.


FFXIV Patch 6.4 Introduces Game-Changing Gearing System Overhaul


FFXIV Gearing System: A Historical Perspective

  • Vertical Progression System: In Final Fantasy XIV, the game's gear progression system historically followed a vertical progression model. This meant that gear updates occurred approximately every eight months with the release of a new raid tier. Players had ample time to acquire multiple gear sets for different classes.
  • Gearing Alts Challenge: However, FFXIV's unique feature allows players to experience all classes on a single character, leading to the desire to switch between classes for various content. Gearing alts (alternate classes) became a challenging endeavor, especially during expansion cycles with ultimate content.: 
  • Double Ultimate Expansions Introduction: The expansion in question introduced double ultimate content, offering the hardest challenges tied to the same gear set as the main raid tier. This change exacerbated the issue of alt gearing, forcing players to gear up faster than ever before.


Burnout and Gearing Pressure

  • The Stress of Gearing a Single Character: For players with only one character, the eight-month gear progression cycle was already taxing. Choosing which class to gear each week was a constant dilemma.
  • The Ultimate Challenge Dilemma: With the introduction of ultimate content four months into the expansion, players were pressured to gear their characters for these challenging encounters. Those switching from Savage raiding to Ultimate faced additional gearing stress.
  • Impact on Player Burnout: The demanding Savage and ultimate fights, coupled with the need for continued re-clears, led to significant burnout among players during this expansion cycle.


Mid-Expansion Gearing Alterations

  • Anticipating Changes at Fan Fest: Many players expected any changes to the gearing system to be announced during Fan Fest, which traditionally unveils major updates and plans for the next expansion. However, the unexpected overhaul was introduced in a mid-expansion live letter.
  • Mid-Expansion Announcement for Patch 6.4: The announcement came in the second live letter of Patch 6.4, the fourth of five patches for the current expansion. Players were surprised by the unexpected timing of these changes.
  • The Drastic Reduction in Gear Pacing: The most significant change was the reduction in gear pacing, primarily achieved by reducing the number of tokens required for gear acquisition. This change promised to accelerate the gearing process significantly.


Patch 6.4 Gearing System Key Changes

  • Token System Modification: The primary alteration in Patch 6.4 involved the token system used for gear acquisition. The number of tokens required per gear slot was reduced by 25 tokens, making it easier and faster for players to gear up.
  • Availability of Chest Pieces: Chest pieces, typically available only in the final raid fight, would also be obtainable in the back two fights of the raid tier. This change aimed to provide more accessible gearing options.
  • Downgrading of Fourth-Piece Gear: To prevent excessive accumulation of fourth-piece gear, the system would allow players to downgrade these items when necessary, ensuring a balanced gear economy.
  • Impact on Gearing Speed: These changes promised to expedite the gearing process significantly, allowing players to gear alts and main characters more swiftly.


Looking Forward

  • Gearing Alts with Ease: With the reduced gearing pressure, players could look forward to gearing alternate classes with greater ease and flexibility.
  • Potential Impact on World First Races: The alterations might influence the strategies used by world-first raiding groups, potentially reducing the reliance on multiple characters.
  • Healthier Gameplay and Reduced Burnout: Overall, the changes aimed to create a healthier gameplay experience, reducing player burnout and frustration.


Yoshi-P's Vision for Player Satisfaction

  • Encouraging Breaks and Enjoyment: Yoshi-P, the producer and director of FFXIV, emphasized that players should not feel pressured to progress continuously. The changes aimed to allow players to set their goals and play the game at their own pace without feeling obligated to farm content endlessly.
  • The Role of Player Feedback: Yoshi-P recognized the importance of player feedback and stated that these changes would serve as valuable lessons for future developments. The goal was to maintain player satisfaction and enjoyment.
  • Commercial Viability vs. Player Well-being: While these changes might impact the game's commercial viability, Yoshi-P prioritized player well-being and satisfaction over financial gains.


What Lies Ahead

  • Excitement for Final Fantasy XVI: The future of the Final Fantasy franchise looked promising, with Final Fantasy XVI generating significant excitement among players. Yoshi-P encouraged players to explore other games, such as Final Fantasy XVI, during breaks from FFXIV.
  • Lessons Learned from the Gearing Overhaul: The changes to the gearing system in FFXIV were intended to be a learning experience. Future titles in the franchise could benefit from player feedback and the lessons derived from these adjustments.
  • The Future of the Final Fantasy Franchise: Yoshi-P hinted at a more consistent release schedule for Final Fantasy games, allowing players to enjoy a new title every few years. This approach aimed to cater to a diverse player base with varying preferences.


FFXIV Future

  • Embracing a Varied Player Base: Final Fantasy XIV's gearing overhaul signaled a positive step towards catering to the diverse needs of its player base, ensuring that both hardcore and casual players can enjoy the game on their terms.
  • The Importance of Consistent Content Updates: Continued updates and content releases remained crucial to keeping players engaged and satisfied, regardless of their preferred playstyle.
  • The Path Forward for Final Fantasy XIV: As Final Fantasy XIV embraced these changes, it promised a bright future for the game and its dedicated community, setting the stage for a more enjoyable and balanced gaming experience.



The FFXIV gearing system overhaul in Patch 6.4 promised to alleviate long-standing player concerns, reduce burnout, and create a more enjoyable gaming experience. The changes not only impact the current expansion but also lay the foundation for a healthier and more diverse Final Fantasy XIV community in the years to come.

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