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How to better farm each Gwib mount in FFXIV Shadowbringers, 2023?

Welcome to the guide on farming the Gwib mounts in FFXIV Shadowbringers expansion. In this guide, we will discuss the general experience of farming these mounts and provide tips and insights to make the process easier. As of patch 6.4 in 2023, acquiring these mounts can still be a challenge for many players. We aim to demystify the farming process and address common concerns. Let's dive in!


How to better farm each Gwib mount in FFXIV Shadowbringers, 2023?



Each of the seven Shadowbringers' extreme trials drops a Gwib mount, which resembles a little dragon. Once you obtain all seven Gwibs, you can unlock a mega Landerwaffe mount through a side quest. Similar to previous expansions, collecting all the extreme trial mounts is necessary to acquire the mega mount. We will go through each extreme trial in the order they were farmed and discuss what you need to know and what to expect when joining party finder (PF) groups for farming.



Crown of the Immaculate, also known as Innocence, is the first extreme trial discussed in this guide. It is widely considered the easiest of the Shadowbringer trials to farm. The fight is short, typically lasting around a minute and a half with a good damage group. The mechanics are straightforward, involving simple tasks like pointing tethers away from the team and avoiding dangerous orange areas. Even if you are unfamiliar with this fight, it is one of the easiest farms in the game. There is no risk of wiping the group, and there are no significant downtime phases. The crafting material, Immaculate Wing Blade, only sells for a little on the market board.



Next on the list is the Dancing Plague Extreme, which drops Titania's Gwib. This trial is also relatively easy, comparable to Innocence. One important mechanic to note is the need to hold damage at 25% until Titania puts a lightning tether on someone. Failing to do so can cause you to skip the ads phase, resulting in lost time.


Additionally, players should soak the water puddles she spawns, ideally with one player in each puddle. However, if your damage is high, you might skip the water puddle phase entirely. The fight's difficulty varies based on the party's gear and damage output. Overall, this fight is easy to farm, and you can join a group that stays in the instance until everyone gets their mount.


Ruby Weapon

Ruby Weapon is the next trial in line, dropping the corresponding Gwib. This trial is quick, but it has an unskippable cutscene in the middle, making it more tedious than the previous ones. The cutscene is a significant downside, especially if you have to run the trial multiple times. Mechanically, the fight involves dodging spiral AOEs in the first phase, which can be tanked if necessary. After the cutscene, there is a checkpoint, so dying doesn't result in starting from the beginning.


In the second phase, pay attention to your debuff colour to determine which ad to attack. Ruby Weapon is considered easy to farm and drops a crafting material, making it worth the effort. However, remember that you need to complete this trial 99 times if you have bad luck with totem drops.


Diamond Weapon (Cloud Deck Extreme)

The Diamond Weapon fight is known for its simplicity and efficiency in farming. It drops two totems per kill and takes approximately two minutes to complete. While the fight has a few mechanics, they are straightforward and easy to handle. Here are the key points to note:

  • Spread Mechanic: When the boss's shoulders open, it indicates a spread attack. All eight players must move away from each other to avoid taking damage.
  • Stack Mechanic: If the laser opens on the boss's chest, it signifies a stack marker. All players should gather in the middle to share the damage.
  • Claw Attack: Watch for the boss's glowing claw, which indicates a cleave attack. Switch sides to avoid getting hit.
  • Efficient Party Composition: One tank and one healer are recommended for this fight, though a DPS can act as a second tank if necessary.


Emerald Weapon

Emerald Weapon provides a more challenging farming experience compared to Diamond Weapon. Here are the important aspects to consider:

  • Orb Soaking Mechanic: Assign partners and cardinal directions for each group. When orbs spawn, soak the orb in your cardinal direction and rotate clockwise or counterclockwise based on the order they spawn. Ensure everyone understands their role to prevent wiping the party.
  • Unskippable Cutscene: Unfortunately, you must watch a cutscene before every pull, making the farming process more time-consuming.
  • Blue Line AOEs: Everyone should position themselves under the blue line AOEs using markers to avoid unnecessary damage or friendly fire.
  • Optional Phase: In high-damage groups, the boss may be defeated before transitioning to the Gaius clone phase. Otherwise, deal damage to the clone while being aware of incoming mechanics.
  • Exo Flare and Knockback: Dodge the Exo Flares based on their numerical order and stack up for the knockback, using anti-knockback abilities if available.
  • Patience Required: Emerald Farming Weapon can be frustrating due to orb mechanics and the unskippable cutscene. Persistence is key.



Hades are the longest-running trial among the Shadowbringers extremes. While it may take around five minutes per run due to cutscenes and downtime, it offers some advantages. Hades drop two totems per run and a crafting material called Hades Auracite, which sells for a high price.


By farming Hades, you can make ffxiv gil while also obtaining the Gwib mount. It's worth noting that some players may join your farm party solely for the material, reducing competition for the mount. Mechanics-wise, tanks need to soak meteors, while DPS players must point tethers away from the tanks. There are few other mechanics to worry about, making it relatively straightforward.


Titania and Innocence

Titania and Innocence are older extreme trials from the Shadowbringers expansion. Joining farm parties for these trials is highly recommended for players new to extreme trials. You'll quickly realize how easy it is to farm the Gwib mounts. Both trials have no significant mechanics that require extensive study. By participating in these farm parties, you can gain confidence and get a taste of the Gwib farming experience.


Warrior of Light

Warrior of Light, also known as Seat of Sacrifice, is the final extreme trial you'll need to farm. It requires two tanks and two healers due to its mechanics. One crucial mechanic is the meteor soak, which involves assigning spots and correctly soaking meteors in corners. As long as everyone understands and executes this mechanic, the fight becomes more manageable. The fight features some additional mechanics, but they are relatively trivial. Overall, Warrior of Light is a straightforward fight to farm, provided everyone cooperates with the meteor soak.



Farming the Gwib mounts in FFXIV's Shadowbringers expansion is a rewarding and relatively easy endeavour. By following the strategies and tips provided for each trial, you can efficiently obtain all the necessary mounts. Remember, it's crucial to join farm parties for Innocence or Titania if you're new to extreme trials, as they offer a smooth introduction to the farming process. 

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