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How to Earn Gold Through Crafting Writ Boards, Vouchers and Daily Crafting Writs in ESO, 2023?

In Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) in 2023, understanding the roles of Daily Crafting Writs, Crafting Writ Boards, and Writ Vouchers is pivotal for successful crafting, earning gold, and obtaining valuable rewards. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of how to obtain and effectively utilize these resources, emphasizing their importance, especially in light of events like the Zenithar event



How to Earn Gold Through Crafting Writ Boards, Vouchers and Daily Crafting Writs in ESO, 2023?


Daily Crafting Writs: Crafting Grids and Valuable Rewards


What are Daily Crafting Writs?

Daily Crafting Writs are consumable crafting grids available from billboards across ESO zones. These grids task players with specific crafting objectives, rewarding them with gold and valuable crafting materials upon completion.


Why Daily Crafting Writs is Important?

Daily Crafting Writs offer substantial eso gold and crafting materials, making them a lucrative activity. Beyond material rewards, they grant crafting experience and contribute to the prestigious Grand Master Crafter title.


Crafting Writ Boards: Unlocking Crafting Opportunities


  • Acquiring Crafting Writ Boards: Participation in Daily Crafting Writs presents an opportunity to obtain Crafting Writ Boards. Each type of crafting Daily Writ corresponds to a particular Writ Board.
  • Crafting Requirements for Crafting Writ Boards: Crafting Writ Boards impose specific crafting prerequisites, such as crafting an item with particular traits, styles, and qualities. Fulfilling these requirements yields Writ Vouchers.
  • Understanding Writ Vouchers: Writ Vouchers are earned by successfully completing Crafting Writ Boards. These vouchers can be used to purchase various items, recipes, and rewards from designated vendors within major ESO cities.


Determining Writ Book Value


  • Varying Difficulties and Rewards: Crafting Writ Boards come with varying difficulties and rewards. Some boards may necessitate costly upgrade materials, affecting their value in terms of gold-to-voucher ratio.
  • Assessing Value and Worth: Players should evaluate material costs and potential rewards before pursuing specific Writ Books. Awareness of Writ Voucher market values on your platform aids in making informed decisions.


Writ Voucher Vendor: Where to Spend Your Currency?


  • Interacting with the Vendor: Prominent cities like Wayrest, Mournhold, and Elden Root house Writ Voucher vendors. These vendors present an array of items purchasable using Writ Vouchers.
  • Popular Vendor Items: Vendor inventories encompass research scrolls, tunable stations, crafting motifs, and unique furniture recipes. Research scrolls, particularly, can be lucratively sold.


Event-Specific Writs and Rewards

Seasonal Events and Rewards: Special ESO events, such as the Deep Winter Charity Event or Halloween Event, introduce event-specific Writs with distinctive rewards related to the occasion. These rewards might encompass style pages, motifs, or thematic items.


Looking Ahead: All-in-One Crafting Stations and Future Value


  • Potential Impact of All-in-One Crafting Stations: The impending introduction of all-in-one crafting stations in ESO is poised to elevate Writ Voucher value. These stations allow customization to different crafting sets, making them coveted for guild halls and personal usage.
  • Investing in Writ Vouchers: With new crafted sets entering the scene and all-in-one crafting stations becoming accessible, Writ Voucher value could surge. Players are encouraged to amass Writ Vouchers and Crafting Writ Boards for forthcoming events and potential market dynamics.



Mastering the intricacies of ESO Crafting Writ Boards, Vouchers, and Daily Crafting Writs is pivotal for optimizing crafting endeavors and reaping valuable rewards. Daily Crafting Writs secure a consistent stream of gold and materials, while Crafting Writ Boards present avenues to earn Writ Vouchers and unlock exclusive items. The impending introduction of all-in-one crafting stations and future events could influence the value of Writ Vouchers, underscoring their worth as a strategic investment. Harness these systems to enrich your ESO journey, plunging into the realm of end-game crafting and furnishings.

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