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NBA 2K24 MyPlayer Builds: How to Redefine Customization?

As we wait for NBA 2K24 in anticipation, it's natural to wonder how 2K will handle the Builder this time. Will they stick to the approach seen in NBA 2K23, where players could create do-it-all type builds, or will they go back to the more specialized archetypes from past games like NBA 2K17, 2K18, and 2K19? In this guide, we'll explore the evolution of the MyPlayer Builder through the years and propose a potential compromise that can satisfy both the desire for uniqueness and the need for realism.


NBA 2K24 MyPlayer Builds: How to Redefine Customization?


The Evolution of the MyPlayer Builder

Over the years, the MyPlayer Builder has gone through several iterations, each introducing new features and mechanics. In NBA 2K17, the archetype system limited players to specific roles like Sharpshooter, Lockdown, and Playmaker. This approach changed slightly in NBA 2K18, where dual archetypes allowed for more flexibility, combining different play styles like Shot Creating Slasher and Sharpshooting Slasher.


In NBA 2K19, the pie chart system made its debut, providing a more diverse builder with various build combinations. Each pie chart represented a different play style, allowing players to create unique builds with a mix of attributes and skills. This system gave rise to numerous creative and rare builds that players enjoyed.


NBA 2K20 continued the pie chart approach but introduced additional options, leading to an abundance of all-around demigod builds. While this provided players with ultimate versatility, it also raised the question of whether every player in the NBA should be a demigod.


In NBA 2K21, both current and next-gen versions kept the same basic layout, offering more pie charts for customization. However, this still led to a prevalence of all-around demigod builds, reducing the sense of uniqueness and specialization for players.


Proposed Approach for NBA 2K24 MyPlayer Builder

As we look ahead to NBA 2K24, it's essential to find a middle ground between the specialization of NBA 2K19 and the extreme versatility of recent editions. One potential approach could be to introduce a play style or niche-based system similar to the pie chart concept but with certain limitations on specific attributes.


For instance, players picking a shooting-based niche would be limited in their defensive abilities, while those opting for a defensive focus would have to sacrifice some offensive attributes. This system would allow players to create unique builds within their chosen niche, but without reaching overpowered levels.



The MyPlayer Builder has come a long way since its inception, providing players with various customization options and unique builds. However, the focus on all-around demigod builds has raised concerns about realism and uniqueness. In NBA 2K24, finding a balance between specialization and versatility could enhance the gaming experience and promote diverse play styles.


As we eagerly await the official release of NBA 2K24 and the MyPlayer Builder details, let's hope that the developers carefully consider community feedback and aim to strike a balance that satisfies both content creators and players looking for a more immersive and authentic basketball experience.

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