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Madden 24: Exciting Changes,Strategies Shift,and Addressing Animation and AI Concerns

Introducing the world of Madden 24 - a highly anticipated football gaming experience. With significant improvements, gameplay changes, and some features removed, players are eager to explore the enhanced Franchise and Career modes. However, there are also notable concerns regarding animation limitations and AI issues. So we delve into the exciting features and potential challenges of Madden 24, offering a comprehensive overview of what awaits you in this immersive football simulation.


Madden 24: Exciting Changes,Strategies Shift,and Addressing Animation and AI Concerns


5 Significant Things Were Removed

With the release of Madden 24 just around the corner, players are eagerly anticipating the changes and improvements that come with each new iteration. While some past versions have seen beloved features removed, the developers have also been making strides in retaining content and enhancing player experiences. Here we'll explore 5 significant things that were removed from Madden 24 and their replacements, giving you a better understanding of what to expect in the upcoming game.


The Yard Game Mode:

  • Removed: The Yard game mode, an arcade-style experience with a shorter field and unique gameplay.
  • Replaced by: Superstar Showdown, part of the revamped Superstar career mode. It offers a more engaging and user-controlled experience. Instead of the previous six-on-six setup, Superstar Showdown pits three user-controlled players against three others, emphasizing one-on-one interactions and delivering an exciting experience.


Face of the Franchise vs. Superstar Mode

  • Removed: Face of the Franchise mode, a bridge between career and story modes that didn't resonate with most players.
  • Replaced by: Superstar Mode, a return to a traditional career mode experience. Players can now focus on in-game performance and career progression, with fewer story elements and forced dialogues. For those seeking a deeper career experience without unnecessary narrative distractions, Superstar Mode is the way to go.



  • Removed: Significant storylines in the career mode.
  • Replaced by: While certain cut scenes remain for essential events like awards and contract signings, the focus is now on allowing players to forge their unique paths in their careers. The removal of pre-determined storylines ensures a more immersive and personalized career experience.


Player Models and Sapien Technology:

  • Removed: The debate between bulky and slim player models.
  • Replaced by: Sapien Technology, which enhances player animations during gameplay to appear more realistic. New skeletons and player models provide smoother animations and more natural movement on the field, taking a step towards a visually authentic experience.


Conservative Tackle to Wrap Tackle:

  • Removed: Conservative Tackle, a safe, low-risk tackle mechanic.
  • Replaced by: Wrap Tackle system based on a new Tackle Advantage algorithm. Players now contest shorter catches and use varying tackle animations depending on the size of the defender and offensive player. Adapting to this new tackle system may require some re-learning, but it promises more diverse and dynamic gameplay scenarios.


5 Notable Improvements

Madden 24 has made significant improvements over its predecessor, Madden 23. Here are 5 key areas where the game excels:


Revamped Franchise Mode:

One of the standout improvements in Madden 24 is the complete overhaul of the franchise mode. The return of mini-camps during the offseason allows players to train and develop their athletes, adding depth to the game. These mini-games not only enrich the franchise mode but also provide hours of fun for casual play with friends. Additionally, trading has been significantly enhanced with six trade slots, opening up more opportunities for creative and realistic trades. The relocation feature has also been expanded, offering players a wider selection of cities and updated team uniforms, further immersing players in the world of franchise mode.


Enhanced Career Mode:

Madden 24 takes career mode to new heights with substantial improvements. The reintroduction of the Superstar mode brings back a more engaging and immersive experience compared to the previous Face of the Franchise mode. The revamped combine with new drills and activities adds excitement and challenge for players. Moreover, the removal of forced or clichéd storylines allows players to craft their own paths, giving them more control over their journey. The introduction of player grading and tiered abilities adds depth to the progression system, rewarding players without resorting to microtransactions.


Improved Playbooks:

Madden 24 features a vastly improved playbook system. With a wide range of new formations and plays, each playbook now offers unique strategies tailored to specific teams and players. This encourages players to experiment with diverse offensive approaches, making each game a fresh and exciting experience.


Balanced Mobile Quarterbacks:

Balancing mobile quarterbacks has been a historical challenge for Madden games. In Madden 24, a more balanced approach has been taken by removing overpowered abilities like Escape Artist. However, fast quarterbacks can still make impressive plays on the run, providing a realistic representation of their abilities without dominating the game entirely. This adds more variety and strategy to quarterback play and defense.


Refined Blocking:

Madden 24 has refined the blocking mechanics, particularly in run blocking and open-field blocking. The improvements in run blocking make it easier for players to run the ball and exploit defensive weaknesses effectively. While pass blocking still requires some fine-tuning, the overall blocking experience is significantly better than in Madden 23, leading to more dynamic and realistic gameplay.


5 Strategies Won't Work Anymore

It's essential for players to be aware of the changes and adjustments made by the developers to enhance gameplay and create a more balanced and realistic experience. Let's highlight five gameplay strategies that won't be as effective in Madden 24 as they might have been in previous versions. From spamming runs to overpowering AI, let's take a closer look at these changes.


Diverse Offensive Strategy Spamming runs will be less effective due to improved AI reactions. To find success on the ground, mix up your play calls and adopt a more diverse offensive strategy. Experiment with different run plays, formations, and audibles to keep the defense guessing.
Weight Matters for Ball Carriers Weight and physical attributes will play a significant role in determining the outcome of collisions. Smaller players won't easily run through larger defenders with brute force. If you control smaller, agile backs, rely on finesse moves and elusiveness to evade tackles rather than trying to truck through defenders.
Adjusted Kickoff Strategies Kicking to the fullback on kickoffs will be less effective in Madden 24 due to the addition of a receiver to the kick return team. Rethink your kickoff strategies and consider targeting other areas of the field for better field positions. Experiment with different kick types and coverage strategies to keep opponents on their toes.
Mobile Quarterback Containment Mobile quarterbacks will once again pose a challenge to defensive lines. Quarterback containment is essential to prevent agile quarterbacks from escaping the pocket and extending plays. Use quarterback spies effectively to keep mobile QBs in check and force them into uncomfortable situations.
Mastering All-Madden Difficulty Madden 24 offers a more challenging experience, especially on All-Madden difficulty. The AI has been significantly improved, making it crucial for you to bring your A-game and strategize efficiently. Consider adjusting sliders to strike the right balance between difficulty and enjoyment.



Players must adapt their playstyles to account for the changes made by the developers. Strategies that were once successful may yield different results in this new iteration.


2 Significant Issue 

Issue 1: Animation Limitations and Freedom of Movement

Expand the Animation Library To enhance player freedom of movement, EA Sports should invest in expanding the animation library significantly. This entails capturing a broader range of real-life football scenarios, including various pocket breakdown situations, quarterback movements, and defensive tackle interactions. By having a more extensive animation library, players can experience smoother and more immersive gameplay.
Implement Contextual Animations Developers can create context-sensitive animations that adapt to the specific game situation. For example, in a pocket breakdown situation, the quarterback's animation should accurately reflect the available space and potential for escaping the pressure. Contextual animations will make gameplay more realistic and improve overall player satisfaction.
Conduct Thorough Playtesting Thorough playtesting with professional football players or football experts can help identify animation limitations and areas requiring improvement. Feedback from playtesters can provide valuable insights into refining the game's movements and mechanics.


Issue 2: Broken Cornerback and Receiver Interaction in Zone Coverage

Improve Zone Coverage AI To address the issues with cornerback and receiver interactions, EA Sports should prioritize enhancing the Zone coverage AI. Defensive backs need better situational awareness and should react appropriately to receivers' movements. This improvement will result in more realistic and dynamic defensive gameplay, reducing excessive space for the offense.
Refine Catching Animations Developers should work on refining catching animations, particularly for receivers in the open field. Smooth and accurate animations will help maintain the flow of the game and prevent players from experiencing frustration due to unrealistic catching behaviours.
Community Feedback Integration Engage with the gaming community to gather feedback on Zone coverage interactions. Active participation and communication with players will enable developers to understand and address issues promptly. Regular updates based on player feedback will show that EA Sports values the community's opinions and is dedicated to improving the gaming experience.



Madden 24 delivers an anticipated football gaming experience with revamped modes and improved gameplay. While some features were removed, new additions offer engaging gameplay. The game's success lies in addressing player feedback, refining animations, and enhancing AI. With its immersive Franchise and Career modes, diverse playbooks, and balanced gameplay, Madden 24 sets a new standard for football simulations. Despite a few challenges, EA Sports' dedication to player satisfaction ensures an enjoyable and authentic gaming journey for football enthusiasts worldwide.

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