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What Are the Best Methods for Farming Transmute Crystals in ESO?

Transmute Crystals are a highly sought-after resource in The Elder Scrolls Online that allow players to improve their gear by changing traits or reconstructing set items. These crystals are essential for fine-tuning your character's equipment. In this guide, we will explore the best methods for farming Transmute Crystals, from the straightforward daily rewards to a more advanced dungeon farming technique.


What Are the Best Methods for Farming Transmute Crystals in ESO?


Cidel Rewards

One of the most reliable ways to obtain Transmute Crystals is by claiming your Cidel Rewards. Every 30 days, each of your characters can collect 50 Transmute Crystals. While it may require some patience, this method is relatively quick and guarantees you a steady supply. To take advantage of this, follow these steps:


  1. Log in daily to ensure your character accumulates the required points for rewards.
  2. Wait for the 30-day cycle to end, and you will receive your 50 Transmute Crystals in the mail.


This method is effortless and ideal for those who want a regular, predictable source of Transmute Crystals.


Random Normal Dungeons

If you're looking for a more dynamic way to farm Transmute Crystals, random normal dungeons can be a viable option. However, this method is more effective when used strategically. Here's how to make the most of it:


  • Create or use a low-level character (around level 10) for this method.
  • Queue for a random daily dungeon using your low-level character.
  • Complete the dungeon; you will be placed in one of the easier dungeons that are available to lower-level characters, such as Spindleclutch I, Banished Cells I, or Fungal Grotto I.


Note that these dungeons can be completed swiftly, especially when you have a group.


Dungeon Farming

The advanced technique for farming Transmute Crystals involves a group of four players, with one character being a low-level (around level 10). Here's how it works:


  • Each player in the group queues for a random normal dungeon.
  • The low-level character is voted to be kicked from the group, and they log out to avoid the cooldown.
  • The other three players complete the dungeon and receive Transmute Crystals.
  • The low-level character logs back in and is invited to the group, then queues for another random dungeon.
  • This process continues, cycling through all characters in the group.


This method maximizes your daily Transmute Crystal gains. It's possible to accumulate between 100 to 200 Transmute Crystals with this technique. However, you'll need friends or group members willing to participate.


Solo Farming on Low-Level Characters

If you prefer to farm Transmute Crystals solo, you can still do so using low-level characters. Simply follow the same steps as mentioned in the dynamic approach. This method is less efficient than the group farming technique but still allows you to gather a substantial number of Transmute Crystals.



Farming Transmute Crystals is an essential part of enhancing your gear and character in ESO. Whether you prefer the straightforward Cidel Rewards or the more advanced dungeon farming techniques, you have several options to choose from. Find the method that suits your playstyle and resources, and start accumulating these valuable crystals to improve your character's equipment. Remember that farming with a group of friends can significantly increase your daily gains, but even solo players can enjoy the benefits of this resource.

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