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What are the key factors for the different job difficulties in FFXIV,2023?

When it comes to Final Fantasy XIV, the difficulty of learning, playing, and mastering jobs can vary greatly. While it is subjective to some extent, certain factors are commonly agreed upon. In this guide, we will explore the key elements that contribute to the difficulty of different jobs in the game.



What are the key factors for the different job difficulties in FFXIV,2023?


Overwhelming Amounts of oGCDs

Many jobs become difficult to manage as they progress and acquire more abilities. Dragoon and Bard are prime examples of this, as their rotations start off relatively straightforward but become more complex due to the increasing number of off-global cooldowns (oGCDs) and damage buffs. Astrologians and Ninja also fall into this category, with Astrologian's overwhelming number of oGCDs being a primary reason for its perceived difficulty. The need to manage multiple cooldowns and bursts without any downtime makes these jobs challenging. Dark Knight and Gunbreaker, although considered tanks, also have a significant number of oGCDs to manage, adding to their difficulty.


High-Speed GCD Rotations

Jobs with faster global cooldowns (GCDs) require quick decision-making and can lead to more chances for mistakes. Monks, Machinist, Ninja, and Samurai all fall into this category. Monk, in particular, has a speedy rotation with multiple options to consider, along with tracking cooldowns and managing resources. The speed of these rotations demands quick thinking and planning, making them challenging to execute.


Unpredictable Rotations

Some jobs have rotations that rely on random elements, making them difficult to predict and plan ahead. Black Mage is a prime example, as Thundercloud and Firestarter procs can significantly affect the rotation and require creative adaptation. Dancer and Red Mage also have random procs as a core component of their rotations. Monk, although not random, requires precise timing, and slight delays can drastically impact the burst phase, creating a similar feeling of unpredictability.


Small Mistakes Are Very Costly

Certain jobs heavily penalize small mistakes, leading to significant damage loss. Ninja and Black Mage exemplify this difficulty. Ninja can mess up ninjutsu or fail to execute GCDs, resulting in loss of damage properly. Similarly, Black Mage's rotation relies on the precise execution of spells in the Astral Fire phase, and a single mistake can disrupt the entire rotation. Samurai and Dragoon also fall into this category due to the complexity of their combo sequences, where mixing up the sequence can lead to severe damage loss.


Complicated and Unintuitive Rotations

Jobs with complicated or unintuitive rotations pose a challenge for players. Monk's rotation is often considered unintuitive due to various options for starting the rotation and different approaches to Perfect Balance. Machinist also has an unintuitive rotation at the highest level of optimization, which includes slight variations in openers. Black Mage and Ninja have generally complicated rotations, with Black Mage's emphasis on maximizing fire spells and Ninja's action prioritization. These rotations require deep understanding and intuition to master.


Overwhelming Information

Some jobs can be overwhelming for players, especially when starting at higher levels. Sage, Samurai, and Red Mage are examples of jobs with overwhelming information. Sage introduces a complex healing toolkit right from level 70, which can be challenging for players unfamiliar with healing roles. Samurai's ability names can be difficult to memorize, while Red Mage's dual-casting mechanic may take time for some players. Summoner, often considered one of the easier jobs to play, can also be overwhelming due to the amount of information conveyed in tooltips.


Jobs That Are Too Easy

Ironically, some jobs are difficult because they are too easy. Warrior and Summoner are common examples of jobs that can bore players, leading to decreased engagement. This perception can vary from player to player, and what one player finds easy, another might find challenging.



It's important to note that the difficulty of jobs in Final Fantasy XIV can be subjective, and what is difficult for one player may not be the same for another. Additionally, some jobs not mentioned in this guide can have their own unique challenges. Overall, understanding the various factors that contribute to job difficulty can help you make informed choices when selecting and mastering jobs. Remember, practice, experience, and a willingness to learn and adapt are key to overcoming the challenges and mastering any job in Final Fantasy XIV.

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