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Season 4 PVP Weapons Tier List for New World: Dominance and Duds

While traversing through the ever-changing battlefields of New World, our arsenal can make or break our quest for fame. With Season 4 upon us, let us go into analyzing the weapon hierarchy to see those that are dominant and those that should remain in the armory. Let's take a trip through some of the deadliest weapons and those that have become obsolete.


Season 4 PVP Weapons Tier List for New World: Dominance and Duds



The Peerless Spear

At the top of our list sits Spear which has an unrivaled base damage paired with survivability traits. Its siege ability makes it almost invincible on any battleground making it a choice for people who like sticking around rather than running.


For well-versed players, however, they can compensate Empower's weakness by considering strategic gem choices or consumables (the highest cap is at 20%). Without doubt, this weapon has got one of the best damage outputs coupled with tanky nature just to mention a few among many other good things about it.


Firestaff & Lifestaff

Once known as an instrument of annihilation; Firestaff today lies in a state of confusion. In time past, it was even better suited for war but now its shine appears dimmed. On its part though Lifestaff is still guilded hope for comrades offering fast and strong healing which seems vital for every successful team line up



As a secondary weapon, Rapier is special due to its flexibility. It works alongside several builds and hardly misses from any warfare situation. Combining this tool with either Lifestaff for durability or Bow for high burst damage makes it top-tier option because apart from helping you keep distance while enabling stamina regeneration midfight.


Ice & Void

The success of the Ice Gauntlet in this meta lies in its incredibly powerful ability to deploy Ice Shower and lack of (Greatsword) GS on the battlefields. However, it has some weaknesses since it is not effective all the time. The Void Gauntlet brings unique utility to teams, removing buffs from enemies and buffing teammates, except that its survivability is weak at high levels


Sword & Shield

Those who use Sword & Shield have an edge over other players because Leaping Strike has excellent tracking thus allowing them to chase even stealthy targets. Armed with this weapon set, medium or heavy-armored disruptors can effectively focus on lightly-armored opponents making it a significant threat.


Is It Time for Great Axes to Decline?

Once a meta staple, Great Axe faces strong competition from Spears and struggles to maintain dominance. Yet,it still remains a solid pick since skills like Crippling Reap as well as Charge are relevant in Outpost Rush and clumping fights.



Bows that cancel animations for attacks cause great damage, placing them high up in the tier list. On the other hand, without those tricks they become average. In pvp muskets held by skilled marksmen may change everything, tipping the scales of victory from afar.


New Weapon DLCs

However, the new meta has not welcomed all of them with open arms and some have even found a place. Therefore, while these are the typical Greatsword struggles against Spears, it will be quite a good weapon for an assassin build. Consequently, though the Flail possesses Best Friends skill which is very useful in battle, it regrets its existence as there are better options in combat.


Tier List

The Best Spear, Rapier
Maybe OP Life Staff, Sword and Shield, Great Axe
Very Good Ice Gauntlet, War Hammer, Bow, Fire Staff
Average Musket, Void Gauntlet
Not A Secondary Blunderbuss, Hatchet


New World Season 4 Weapons Tier List



In conclusion of our tier list analysis it is evident that some weapons have cemented their positions while others wait for their turns to rise. The landscape of New World PVP is currently dominated by the Spear and Rapier with other weapons like Lifestaff and Sword & Shield close on their heels. Additionally, underperforming weapons such as War Hammer and Hatchet eagerly look forward to rebalances that will put them back into relevancy.



This shows how dynamic New World's combat system is; Season 4's PvP arena is no exception. While some weapons bask in glory, others lurk in darkness waiting for a chance to strike. With future patches and updates we can expect changes in the meta that will certainly shock our current tier list. For now, choose wisely when picking your tools of trade so that you can cut through Aeternum’s fields!

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