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New World Season 2 Balance of Power: Weapon Buffs and Nerfs

New World Season 2 is on the horizon, bringing with it a slew of balance changes that are set to reshape the game's meta. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the weapon buffs and nerfs that will impact the Life Staff, Rapier, Bow, Sword & Shield, and Greatsword. These changes have been carefully crafted to improve the viability of weapons, address underperforming abilities, and maintain a healthy balance across various playstyles.


New World Season 2 Balance of Power: Weapon Buffs and Nerfs


Block Changes

One of the key adjustments in Season 2 revolves around block mechanics. The goal is to make blocking a more viable alternative to dodging. To achieve this, several changes have been implemented:

  • Faster Blocking: Players will notice a significant improvement in the speed at which they can block incoming attacks.
  • Exhaustion Slowdown Removed: After a block is broken, there will no longer be an exhaustion slowdown, allowing for a more fluid combat experience.
  • Damage Mitigation: Two-handed weapons will continue to provide 70% damage mitigation, while one-handed weapons and magic weapons will now offer 50% damage mitigation.


These changes aim to make blocking a more strategic and attractive option in combat.


Fire Staff Buffs & Changes

The Fire Staff is undergoing significant adjustments in Season 2, with the focus on the Incinerate ability:

  • Incinerate Revamp: The pushback effect in Incinerate is being replaced with a stagger or interrupt effect, providing players with a stronger tactical advantage.
  • Damage Reduction: While the exact values haven't been specified, Incinerate's damage will see a slight reduction.


These changes aim to make the Fire Staff more balanced and strategic in both PvE and PvP scenarios.


Rapier Buff

The Rapier's Flurry ability is receiving a substantial change:

  • Grit Added: Flurry will now have grit, making it a more valuable addition to both PvP and PvE builds. This change enhances its overall usefulness.


The addition of grit to Flurry brings new possibilities for Rapier-focused builds.


Life Staff Buffs

The Life Staff is receiving several buffs in Season 2 to improve its utility:

  • Splash of Light: This ability, which previously suffered from a range reduction, will now only affect your group in a raid, restoring its original range.
  • Over Protection: Another Life Staff ability, Over Protection, is getting a boost with a modifier increase from 10 to 20, aligning it better with the new damage mitigation values.


These changes aim to make the Life Staff a more appealing choice for healers and support players.


Bow Buffs

Bow users have reasons to rejoice in Season 2:

  • Light's Embrace: The healing increase per buff on Light's Embrace is being raised from 15 to 20, making it a more potent healing option.
  • IBO (Imbued Bowstring Optimization): Adjustments to the left tree are aimed at improving its viability. The new perk, Rending Headshot, will see its rend duration increased from three to five seconds.
  • Poison Shot: This ability is receiving a damage buff.
  • Rain of Arrows: The animation speed of Rain of Arrows is being increased by 50%.


These changes are designed to make the Bow a more competitive choice for healers and ranged damage dealers.


Heartrune Buffs

The Heartrune weapon will receive several adjustments:

  • Damage Increase: To address concerns about it feeling overwhelming, the Heartrune will see a 15 damage increase.
  • Bug Fixes: A bug related to firing the ability has been fixed, resolving input buffering issues.
  • Activation Speed: There is a possibility of speeding up the activation of the Sand Worm in the future, if deemed necessary.


These changes aim to make the Heartrune a more balanced and enjoyable weapon to use.


Sword & Shield Nerf

The Sword & Shield combination is receiving two preemptive changes:

  • Solid Shield: The ability, which previously provided 10 extra damage against slow targets, will now only work with abilities, aligning it with adjustments made to Whirling Blade and Reverse Step.
  • Basic Attack Damage Reduction: The basic attack damage of Sword & Shield will see a slight reduction to balance the strength of the Silent Shield.


These changes are aimed at maintaining a balanced gameplay experience for Sword & Shield users.


Greatsword Nerf

The Greatsword, currently excelling in both PvE and PvP, will see a base damage reduction of approximately four to 5%. This nerf is intended to bring the weapon's performance in line with others while preserving its AoE capabilities.


The Future of Weapons

As Season 2 approaches, players are eagerly anticipating the introduction of new weapons. While the developers have yet to confirm the next weapon, the demand for Daggers among the player base is overwhelming. It seems likely that Daggers will make their debut in the game soon, fulfilling the wishes of many players. Stay tuned for further updates on upcoming weapon releases.



With New World Season 2 just around the corner, the balance changes to various weapons are poised to enhance gameplay and create a more engaging experience for players. While some buffs and nerfs may not align perfectly with player expectations, the development team is actively working to address issues and improve the overall balance of the game. Stay tuned for more information and enjoy exploring the dynamic combat of New World!

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