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New World Expansion Crafting Guide: New System, Materials and Different Options

The PTR (Public Test Realm) for the New World expansion has been announced, and crafting enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement. With the expansion, major changes are coming to the crafting system, and it's important to understand these changes to prepare for what's ahead. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of the new crafting system, materials, and the different crafting options available.


New World Expansion Crafting Guide: New System, Materials and Different Options


The Prismatic Scarab

One of the most talked-about items in the upcoming expansion is the Prismatic Scarab. It's gaining attention because it now requires Golden Scarabs for crafting, and as a result, the prices of Golden Scarab are skyrocketing. Many players believe that acquiring the Prismatic Scarab is crucial for achieving a Gear Score of 700, but it's not as straightforward as it seems. Let's explore the various aspects of crafting in the New World expansion.


Crafting Variants

In the New World expansion, crafting is no longer a one-size-fits-all endeavor. There are multiple crafting variants, each with its unique characteristics:

  • Normal Crafting: This method relies on your current Gear Score and trophies. It uses new materials, which we'll discuss shortly. Normal crafting allows you to create items with one chosen perk.
  • Two-Perk Crafting: In this variant, you can select two perks for your crafted item. To access this option, you need one Golden Scarab and one Chromatic Seal, along with a substantial amount of the new materials.
  • Three-Perk Crafting (BIS Crafting): This is the pinnacle of crafting in the expansion. You can choose all three perks for your item, resulting in a truly exceptional piece of equipment. However, it demands an impressive assortment of materials, including the elusive Prismatic Scarab.


New Materials

The expansion introduces new materials, which are effectively Tier 6 materials, although they're not officially named as such:

  • Mithril: This is the new metal used for crafting weapons and armor.
  • Spin Weave: The material used for crafting cloth items.
  • Dark Hide: Essential for crafting leather items.
  • Room Wood: Required for crafting wooden items.

These materials are scattered across the map, with the most concentrated resources found in areas like Elysium Wilds, Brimstone, and Morningdale. Keep an eye out for these materials to gather your Tier 6 resources efficiently.


Crafting Ratios

Crafting ratios have changed in the expansion. Previously, it was an 8-to-1 ratio for refining materials. Now, it's a 12-to-1 ratio. For example, you need 12 Mythic Ore and one additional Calcium Ingot to create a Mythril Ingot. This alteration emphasizes the importance of efficient resource gathering.


Crafting the Prismatic Gear

Crafting Prismatic gear involves a combination of old and new materials. You'll need one of the old legendary materials (such as Phoenix Weave or Asmodeum) and ten of the new materials (e.g., Mithril or Spin Weave) to create Prismatic gear. Keep in mind that you can craft this type of gear every 24 hours, so make the most of it.


Crafting Cooldowns

Crafting cooldowns are a significant aspect of the expansion's crafting system. You can craft Prismatic gear every 10 days, similar to the cooldowns for Asmodeum and other materials. If you're consistent with these daily tasks, you can earn new world gold in the long run.


Chromatic Seal

The Chromatic Seal is an interesting addition to crafting. It's available from faction vendors and costs 5,000 gold and 20,000 faction tokens. It guarantees a Gear Score of 700 for your crafted item and allows you to choose two perks. This item will be highly sought after, especially for players aiming to maximize their gear.


Crafting Materials and Their Sources

Here's a quick recap of the key materials and where to obtain them:

  • Prismatic Scarab: Requires 10 Golden Scabs and three Prismatic Blocks.
  • Mithril, Spin Weave, Dark Hide, Room Wood: Gathered from mobs above level 63 in various regions.
  • Chromatic Seal: Purchased from faction vendors for 5,000 gold and 20,000 faction tokens.
  • Phoenix Weave, Asmodium, etc.: Used in combination with new materials to craft Prismatic gear.
  • Golden Scarabs: Farmable and highly valuable, especially for war companies.


Crafting Quality Levels

Gear crafted with a Gear Score of 676 or higher will be considered legendary, resulting in three perk options. Anything below 676 will only offer one perk. Keep this in mind when crafting your gear.


Miscellaneous Information

Gypsum Remains relevant in the expansion, primarily for upgrading Heart Runes to Gear Score 700.
Faction Epic Clothing Each faction offers unique clothing items with benefits. Check the faction vendors for these upgrades.
Dark Matter A new resource that allows you to change perks on named and artifact items.
Shields Shields now only have perks, making them easier to manage in your crafting decisions.



The New World expansion introduces exciting changes to crafting, offering more customization and higher Gear Scores than ever before. It's crucial to understand the crafting variants, material sources, and crafting ratios to make the most of this expansion. Whether you choose to focus on daily cooldowns, two-perk crafting, or the ultimate three-perk crafting, the path to improving your character's gear is rich with possibilities. Prepare, gather resources, and embark on your crafting journey in the New World expansion!

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