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How to get BiS Gear simply and easily in the New World Expansion?

Crafting in the New World expansion has undergone significant changes, making it easier to acquire Best-in-Slot (BiS) gear. In this detailed guide, we will explore the various aspects of crafting in the expansion, including where to obtain essential resources, crafting stations, and the Gypsum Kiln. We will also discuss the use of Chromatic Seals, ASO Inductors, Weapon Matrices, and Dark Matter to craft and optimize your gear. Let's dive in!


How to get BiS Gear simply and easily in the New World Expansion?


Chromatic Seals and ASO Inductors

Chromatic Seals and ASO Inductors are key resources for crafting in the New World expansion. Chromatic Seals are used in combination with Golden Scarabs to craft 700 Gear Score items with desired perks, making the process more efficient. ASO Inductors, while more expensive, allow you to craft 700 Gear Score items with three locked perks, making them superior.


Crafting 700 Gear Score Items:

  • Using Chromatic Seals and Golden Scarabs to reach 700 Gear Score.
  • ASO Inductors for crafting higher-quality items with three locked perks.
  • Considerations for the cost and availability of these resources.


Crafting Stations and Tier Changes

  • Crafting Stations Overview: Explore the different crafting stations available in New World expansion, including Outfitter, Weaponsmith, Engineer, and Arcanist stations. Understand the importance of choosing the right station for your crafting needs.
  • Myth Tier Crafting and the Role of Chromatic Seals: Discover how the introduction of Myth Tier crafting has impacted the crafting process. Learn why Chromatic Seals are essential for crafting at this tier and how they elevate your gear.


Resource Management

  • Prismatic Ingots, Leather, and Cloth: Dive into the resources needed for crafting, including Prismatic Ingots, Leather, and Cloth. Understand the significant cooldown times associated with these resources.
  • Utilizing Cooldown Resources: Learn how to manage cooldown resources and plan your crafting activities effectively. Explore strategies for acquiring these resources and their importance in crafting.
  • Buying Resources vs. Crafting: Evaluate the pros and cons of buying resources from other players versus crafting them yourself. Consider the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of each approach.


Crafting Mods

  • Selecting and Applying Mods: Discover the importance of crafting mods in optimizing your gear. Learn how to choose the right mods for your playstyle and how they enhance your crafted items.
  • Crafting Best-in-Slot Gear: Explore the process of crafting BiS gear using mods. Understand how to craft gear with specific perks and attributes to match your character build.


Tempered Cast and Weapon Matrices

  • Crafting Weapon Matrices: Learn how to craft Weapon Matrices using Tempered Casts. Understand their role in enhancing your weapons and gear. Explore the different types of matrices available.
  • Armor Matrices and Their Uses: Discover the use of Armor Matrices and how they can improve your armor sets. Explore the variety of matrices available at different crafting stations.


Gypsum Kiln and Artifact Upgrades

  • Overview of the Gypsum Kiln: Understand the significance of the Gypsum Kiln in upgrading your gear. Explore the options available for enhancing your items and artifacts.
  • Upgrading Artifacts with Dark Matter: Learn how to use Dark Matter to upgrade your artifacts, unlock new perks and customise your playstyle. Understand the process of upgrading artifacts with Dark Matter and Weapon Matrices.
  • Upcrafting Named Items: Discover how to upcraft named items to reach a higher Gear Score, making them more competitive and effective in combat.



Summarize the key takeaways from the guide and emphasize the accessibility and flexibility of crafting in the New World expansion. Discuss the game's goal of promoting diverse and exciting gear combinations for players. Crafting in the New World expansion offers various avenues to acquire and optimize your gear. Whether you're utilizing Chromatic Seals, crafting mods, or upgrading artifacts, this guide equips you with the knowledge to excel in the world of crafting BiS items. Happy crafting in the New World!

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