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What are the ways you can get 700 GS gear in New World Expansion?

The upcoming New World expansion promises exciting changes to the game's gear progression system, and players are eager to learn how to reach the coveted 700 Gear Score (GS). In this guide, we will provide detailed information on how players can achieve this milestone through PvE activities, PvP endeavors, and crafting methods. Let's dive into the world of New World and discover the pathways to obtaining 700 GS gear!



What are the ways you can get 700 GS gear in New World Expansion?


PvE Progression

  • Elysian Wells Main Story Quest: Start your journey by completing the Elysian Wells main story quest, which will help you reach a baseline GS of around 650. This quest serves as an excellent foundation for your gear progression.
  • Story Mode Expeditions: The expansion introduces new story mode Expeditions, where players can obtain gear with a maximum GS of 685. These are a vital part of your PvE progression.
  • Open World Elite Zones: The gear dropped in open world Elite Zones scales with the difficulty of the mobs. Normal enemies can drop gear up to 690 GS, while named Elite mobs and chests may yield up to 700 GS gear.
  • Mutations: Mutations are another source of high-level gear, with difficulty affecting the gear score. In Mutation level 3 (M3), you can expect a minimum GS of 695 and a maximum of 700.
  • Corrupted Portals: Keep an eye out for Corrupted Portals, as they can drop gear with a GS of up to 700, offering a challenging PvE experience.


PvP Pursuits

  • Arena and Outpost Rush: Engage in Arena and Outpost Rush activities to acquire gear up to 700 GS. While the chances might be lower compared to PvE methods, these are great options for quickly increasing your gear score.
  • Influence Races: Participate in Influence Races, where you can obtain caches that may contain gear up to 700 GS. Additionally, you'll earn valuable salt and XP, making these races rewarding regardless of your race interest.
  • PvP Track: Progressing through the PvP track can reward you with various named items. Every 10 levels, you are guaranteed a 690 GS item, although some players hope for a guaranteed 700 GS item in the future.


Crafting 700 GS

  • Matrix Items: Named items can be upgraded to 700 GS using Matrix items. While this is an effective way to create your ideal build, it can be expensive.
  • Prismatic Scarabs: Crafting with Prismatic Scarabs offers another avenue to reach 700 GS. This method is considered more affordable than Matrix items, though it guarantees only two perks.
  • Chromatic Seal Crafting: Chromatic Seal Crafting is an alternative crafting method, offering a 700 GS item with a daily cooldown. It provides two perks and is a more accessible option.
  • Re-Rolling Named Item Perks: You can also re-roll the third perk of a named item using the crafting system. This allows for further customization of your gear.


Artifact Sources

Artifacts are essential for enhancing your character's power. These can be obtained from various activities, including:


  • Named items
  • Expeditions
  • Sequest line
  • PvP track
  • Corrupted portals
  • Season reward track (Season 4)


All artifacts have a GS of 700, making them valuable additions to your character's loadout.


Perk Balance and Changes

The development team aims to avoid having mandatory perks. They are constantly evaluating and adjusting perks to ensure a balanced experience for both PvE and PvP players. While health remains a strong perk, they are striving to prevent it from overshadowing other options. Expect changes and adjustments in the future to maintain a diverse perk pool.


Crafting Mods and Named Items

Expired craft mods will be converted into attribute mods through a random process. Unfortunately, you cannot guarantee a specific attribute mod. As for named items, they will automatically upgrade to 625 GS.



The New World expansion brings exciting opportunities for players to reach the pinnacle of power with 700 GS gear. Whether you prefer PvE, PvP, or crafting, there are numerous paths to follow. Stay tuned for more updates and balance changes as the expansion release approaches. Prepare for your adventures in Aeternum, and may you conquer all challenges with your mighty gear!️

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