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New World Artifact Items Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Rise of the Angry Earth brings a new series of content to the new world, featuring powerful and rare artifact items. These artifacts are unique and have unique advantages that make them stand out from ordinary equipment. So now let's give a detailed overview of the new artifact items, their unique benefits, and where you can find them.



New World Artifact Items Guide: Everything You Need To Know


What Are Artifact Items?

Artifact Items in New World are unique items that offer players a wide array of bonuses and abilities. These items can be equipped to enhance your character's skills, making them an indispensable part of your progression. Artifact Items come in various categories, each catering to different playstyles, such as offense, defense, and support.


How do get find and obtain Artifact Items?

To obtain artifact items, players will need to explore the vast and perilous lands of Aeternum, the game's fictional setting. Artifact Items can be discovered through various means, including defeating powerful enemies, completing quests, and opening treasure chests. Additionally, participating in high-level activities, such as invasions and expeditions, may yield rare and valuable artifact items. Keep in mind that these items have a low drop rate, so obtaining them will require time and dedication.


Artifact items are bound to the player who obtains them and cannot be traded or sold to other players to make nw coins, ensuring their exclusivity.


The Rarity System

Artifact Items in New World are categorized by their rarity, which directly correlates with their power and effectiveness. The rarity tiers are as follows:


  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary


Naturally, the higher the rarity, the more potent the artifact's bonuses and abilities.


How to tap the maximum potential of artifact items?

  • Build Synergy: Creating a formidable character in New World requires careful planning and synergy between your chosen weapons, armor, and artifact items. To maximize your artifact potential, consider your preferred playstyle and build your character accordingly. For example, if you prefer melee combat, focus on artifact items that boost your physical damage output and survivability.
  • Fusion and Enhancement: New World allows players to enhance their artifact items further through the fusion system. By combining duplicate artifact items or specific materials, you can increase their stats and unlock additional abilities. It's crucial to keep an eye out for duplicate artifact items or the necessary materials needed for fusion.
  • Set Bonuses: Some artifact items in New World belong to specific sets. Equipping multiple artifact items from the same set can trigger set bonuses, granting your character even more powerful effects. Be sure to explore these combinations to fine-tune your character's strengths.


What Are the Best Artifact Items to Suit Different Playstyles?

Offensive Artifact Items

  • Blade Dancer's Blade: This legendary sword artifact is perfect for players who favor close combat. It enhances your melee attacks, providing increased damage and attack speed. Paired with a suitable weapon, this artifact turns you into a relentless force on the battlefield.
  • Arcane Amulet: For those who prefer the arcane arts, the Arcane Amulet is a must-have. It boosts your magical abilities, increasing spell damage and mana regeneration. Unleash devastating spells with unmatched efficiency.


Defensive Artifact Items

  • Sentinel's Shield: A rare artifact that offers exceptional defensive capabilities. It bolsters your shield's effectiveness, reducing incoming damage and increasing your overall survivability. Ideal for frontline tanks and defenders.
  • Guardian's Ward: This epic amulet provides a protective aura to you and your allies. It grants a bonus to health and armor, ensuring your team's resilience during intense battles. A vital choice for support-oriented players.


Support Artifact Items

  • Bard's Lyre: Legendary among support players, the Bard's Lyre enhances your healing abilities. It increases the effectiveness of your heals, making you an invaluable asset to any adventuring party. Keep your allies in peak condition.
  • Harmony Pendant: The Harmony Pendant is a rare artifact that amplifies your crowd control abilities. If you enjoy controlling the battlefield and keeping enemies at bay, this artifact is a game-changer.


Artifact Armor

Name Type Magnify Unique Perk Additional Perk(s)
Unyielding Helmet Heavy Helmet Highest PVP only. Receive 20% less damage from Critical Hits. Random Perk
Void Dark Plate Heavy Chest Highest Dark Reinforced: Increases your armor by 20%. Physical Aversion: Receives less damage from ranged physical attacks.
Magnetic Gauntlets Heavy Gloves Highest Magnetic: Crit chance is increased by 50%, but crit damage is reduced by up to 50%. Refreshing: Reduces cooldowns on abilities.
Freedom Legs Heavy Legs Highest Unending Freedom: Stun, slows, and roots expire 25% faster. Enchanted Ward: Provides additional protection against magical attacks.
Jin Head Wrap Medium Helmet Highest Nimble: Reduces Max Cooldowns by 10%. Refreshing: Reduces cooldowns on abilities.
Nimble Leather Coat Medium Chest Highest Weightless: Armor is weightless. Refreshing: Reduces cooldowns on abilities.
Ghoul Gloves Medium Gloves Highest Ghoul's Touch: Transfers debuffs from foes below half health with a 3-second cooldown. Refreshing: Reduces cooldowns on abilities.
Attuned Leather Pants Medium Legs Highest Well-Rounded: Provides additional attributes (+10 to all attributes). Refreshing: Reduces cooldowns on abilities.
Gray Wizard's Hat Light Helmet Highest Wizardry: Boosts your intelligence. Refreshing: Reduces cooldowns on abilities.
Featherweight Jacket Light Chest Highest Weightless: Armor is weightless. Refreshing: Reduces cooldowns on abilities.
Tumbler Shoes Light Shoes Highest Shocking Blessing: Successfully dodging an attack grants you 15% Empower and 25% Fortify for 5 seconds. Refreshing: Reduces cooldowns on abilities.


Note: The light armor artifacts offer intriguing versatility and mechanics, making them suitable for a variety of playstyles.


Artifact Weapons

Weapon Name Weapon Type Scaling Attribute Unique Perk Additional Ability
The Butcher One-Handed Sword Highest Attribute Blood Letting: Bleed synergy Empowered Welling Blade: AoE hits
Finisher Rapier Highest Attribute Finisher: Heavy attack bonus Keen Tondo: Rapier-specific benefits
Spark of Mol Warhammer Highest Attribute Mol's Fury: Critical empower Empowered Shockwave: Enhanced shockwave
Sol Bow Highest Attribute Solar Flare: Headshot bonus Deadeye's Grasp: Range and charged shot bonus
Thunderhawk Musket Highest Attribute Thunderstrike: Critical hits Master Hunter: Headshot damage increase
Elysian Blade Great Axe Highest Attribute Elysian Fury: AoE damage Empowered Whirlwind: Improved Whirlwind abilities
Red Thorn Fire Staff Highest Attribute Inferno Grasp: Fire crits Fire Affinity: Enhancements to Fire Spell damage
Fathomblade Ice Gauntlet Highest Attribute Tidal Mastery: Frozen foes Chilling Reach: Extended Ice Shower range


Note: Artifact weapons come with a random perk as well, enhancing their utility in different builds.


Artifact Jewelry

Item Name Magnify Effect Unique Perk Additional Effect
Emblazoned Ring Scales based on your highest attribute Magnify Affinity: Increases the Magnify effect by 10%, amplifying your overall stats. Empowered Engravings: Enhances the power of your gear's engravings.
Maelstrom Amulet Scales based on your highest attribute Maelstrom: After using a movement ability, your next light attack gains bonus damage and shockwaves. Empowered Talents: Boosts the effectiveness of your weapon talents.



In the world of New World, artifact items are the keys to unlocking your character's full potential. Remember that New World is a dynamic and evolving game, and as such, the availability and attributes of artifact items may change over time with updates and patches. Stay informed about the latest changes and adapt your strategy accordingly to remain at the forefront of the game.

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