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New World Attribute Perks Rework: Changes and Impact

New World recently underwent a substantial transformation with a comprehensive rework of its attribute perks. In this detailed guide, we'll delve into the intricate changes that have been introduced to Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution attributes. These alterations aim to strike a balance among various playstyles, ensuring that no single attribute dominates the game. We'll dissect each attribute, highlighting the buffs and nerfs, and explore how these changes impact character builds and gameplay. 



New World Attribute Perks Rework: Changes and Impact


Strength (STR) Perks

Strength perks focus on enhancing your physical damage output. The changes have made these perks more consistent and appealing. Here's a breakdown:


  • 25 STR: 5% Light Attack Damage
  • 50 STR: 10% Heavy Attack Damage
  • 100 STR: 10% Physical Damage
  • 150 STR: +15% Stamina Regenerate While Exhausted
  • 200 STR: 7% Base Damage while under 90% Health
  • 250 STR: 10% Base Damage to Abilities and Final Attack in Melee Light Chain


The significant changes include reducing the health threshold for the under health damage bonus from 50% to 90%, making it more consistent. Additionally, the final perk now provides a consistent 10% damage increase to abilities, making Strength a strong choice for melee-focused builds.


Dexterity (DEX) Perks

Dexterity perks cater to critical strikes and agility. Most perks remain the same, but some changes were made to improve their overall usefulness:


  • 25 DEX: 5% Critical Hit Chance
  • 50 DEX: 5% Damage at Full Health
  • 100 DEX: 5% Damage when Stamina is not Full
  • 150 DEX: +15% Duration to Damage over Time Effects
  • 200 DEX: 10% Bonus Backstab and Headshot Damage
  • 250 DEX: 10% Power after Successfully Dodging an Attack
  • 350 DEX: Weapon Swapping Cleanses All Stun and Root CC Effects (30s Cooldown)


The key change is the 350 DEX perk, which now cleanses all stun and root CC effects with a shorter cooldown, making it more reliable in crucial moments.


Intelligence (INT) Perks

Intelligence perks are designed for magic users and elemental damage. While most perks remain strong, there are a couple of nerfs:


  • 25 INT: 5% Damage Increase to Backstab and Random Crits
  • 50 INT: 5% Damage Increase to Targets Inflicted with Damage Over Time Effects
  • 100 INT: 10% Damage to Light and Heavy Elemental Attacks
  • 150 INT: 15% Elemental Damage
  • 200 INT: 10 Mana on Critical Hit
  • 250 INT: 30% Duration to Damage over Time Effects
  • 350 INT: 7% Damage to Targets below 50% Health (Nerfed)
  • 350 INT: 10% Extra Ability Damage


The notable changes include a slight nerf to the below 50% health damage perk (from 10% to 7%) and a decrease in the last perk's bonus ability damage from 15% to 10%.


Focus (FOC) Perks

Focus perks revolve around support and healing abilities. While some perks remain unchanged, the 350 FOC perk received attention:


  • 25 FOC: 5% Cooldown Reduction
  • 50 FOC: 10% Emanation Healing
  • 100 FOC: 20% Max Mana and Mana Regeneration Rate
  • 150 FOC: 20% Outgoing Healing Effectiveness
  • 200 FOC: 20% Buff Duration
  • 250 FOC: Kills and Group Kills Grant Stacks of Bless (Unclear Description)
  • 350 FOC: 20% Ability Cooldown Reduction of Max Durations upon Activating a Hard Rune Ability


The 350 FOC perk offers ability cooldown reduction, making it a useful choice for support-oriented players, though its usefulness might depend on your build.


Constitution (CON) Perks

Constitution perks focus on survivability and health. The changes to these perks aim to make the Constitution more versatile:


  • 25 CON: 10% Health Consumables are 10% Stronger
  • 50 CON: 10% Physical Armor when at or above 50% Health
  • 100 CON: Max Health Increased by 10%
  • 150 CON: -10% Critical Damage Taken
  • 200 CON: 10% Increase in Physical and Elemental Armor
  • 250 CON: 60% Damage Reduction while at Full Health (30s Cooldown, Nerfed)
  • 300 CON: Melee Attacks Gain Grit
  • 350 CON: 10% Damage Reduction (Nerfed)


The notable change is the reduction in the 350 CON perk's damage reduction from 15% to 10%. This makes choosing between STR and CON more balanced for tanky builds.



The New World attribute perks rework has made each attribute more balanced and appealing. Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution now offer diverse options for character builds, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Whether you prefer melee combat, ranged attacks, magic, or support, these changes ensure there's an attribute perk path for your playstyle. Experiment with different combinations to create a character that suits your preferences and play style in New World!

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