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ESO Mythic Item: How to obtaining the Velothi Ur-Mage's Amulet?

Today we are going to guide you on how to obtain the Velothi Ur-Mage's Amulet, the number one Mythic item in the Necrom chapter, which is a must-have for any Arcanist build in The Elder Scrolls Online. To acquire the Velothi Ur-Mage's Amulet, you will need access to the Necrom DLC chapter or be subscribed to ESO Plus. Assuming you are familiar with the Antiquity system, let's dive into the steps to get this powerful ESO item.



ESO Mythic Item: How to obtaining the Velothi Ur-Mage


This amulet provides offensive penetration, minor Force, and a unique buff that increases your damage done against monsters by 15%. Additionally, it reduces your light and heavy attack damage by 99, which perfectly suits the Arcanist playstyle, as it doesn't heavily rely on those types of attacks. This combination makes it the go-to Mythic item for one of the hardest-hitting classes.


Step 1: Ebon Cross Sword Chain Lead

Location: Vvardenfell - Telvanni Peninsula

Obtaining Method: World Boss Daily Coffers

Instructions: Travel to the Hall of Justice in Vvardenfell, just west of the South Shrine. There, you will find two quests available, one of which involves killing a random world boss. Complete the quest by defeating the world boss and return to the turn-in location (different from the starting location) to receive a coffer. This coffer provides a chance to obtain the Ebon Cross Sword Chain lead. You may need to switch between characters or team up with friends to increase your chances of acquiring the lead. It usually takes about two world boss kills to obtain this lead.


Step 2: Ebony Shock Mounting Lead

Location: Apocrypha - Telvanni Peninsula

Obtaining Method: Rune Masters Apocrypha World Boss

Instructions: To reach Apocrypha, go to the city of Necrom in the Necrom chapter. East of Necrom, you will find a portal to Apocrypha with two options: a green portal and a red portal. Choose the green portal and work your way up to the middle of the map. In the top right section, you will encounter the Rune Masters Apocrypha World Boss. Defeat the boss, making sure to kill the crystals along the way to prevent it from becoming immune to damage. This lead may require approximately 30 attempts before obtaining it, so be patient.


Step 3: Gold "Something I Can't Pronounce" Cradle Lead

Location: Telvanni Peninsula - Celadon Peninsula

Obtaining Method: Delve Boss

Instructions: Head to the southwest corner of Celadon Peninsula in Vvardenfell. Inside the Delves, you will find a specific boss that needs to be defeated. Camp near the boss's location, kill it and wait for its quick respawn timer. It should take only a couple of attempts to obtain this lead.


Step 4: Gold Shalk Clasp Lead

Location: Shrivener's Hall Dungeon - Telvanni Peninsula

Obtaining Method: Scamps in Scrivener's Hall Dungeon

Instructions: Scrivener's Hall is a new dungeon introduced in the DLC. While exploring the dungeon, you will come across scamps in various side areas. Killing these scamps on normal difficulty grants small keys, while on veteran difficulty, you receive large keys. Accumulate these keys to unlock a special room in the dungeon's Trophy Room, where you have a chance to find the Gold Shalk Clasp lead. It is recommended to run the dungeon on normal difficulty to acquire the keys and unlock the room quickly. You may need to run Shrivener's Hall approximately four times to obtain this lead.


Step 5: Lucian "Some Word I Can't Pronounce" Shocker Lead

Location: Apocrypha - Telvanni Peninsula

Obtaining Method: Underweave Public Dungeon Bosses

Instructions: Enter the Underweave Public Dungeon and camp near the very first boss you encounter. This boss has a five-minute respawn timer and approximately 400k HP. Take advantage of this long respawn time by attending to other tasks while periodically killing the boss. Rinse and repeat until you acquire the Lucian Shocker lead. If you have extra time, you can rotate between different bosses in the dungeon, but focusing on the first boss is the simplest approach.


Once you have obtained all 5 leads, you can use 25 Transmute Stones to reconstruct the Velothi Ur-Mage's Amulet in your Collections. When equipping the amulet, combine it with the Deadly Strikes set for your front bar, and choose another gear set for your body that complements your chosen playstyle (such as Bahraha's Curse for magic users or Perfected Coral Riptide for stamina users). Avoid sets that heavily rely on light or heavy attacks, as the Velothi Ur-Mage's Amulet reduces their damage. By following this setup, you will unleash massive damage with minimal effort.

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