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New World New Weapon: Flail | With Shield Capabilities

Are you ready for the next weapon in New World? Some exciting details have been uncovered through data mining, and it appears that the next weapon will be the Flail, complete with the ability to use a shield. Although nothing is officially confirmed yet, the evidence strongly points in this direction. This is thrilling news for players who enjoy healing, buffing, and supporting their allies in battle. In this guide, we'll delve into the details we have so far.



New World New Weapon: Flail | With Shield Capabilities


The Focus on Healing, Buffing, and Supporting

The developers have already hinted that the next weapon will focus on healing, buffing, and supporting. While this initially led to speculation about potential weapons like the search or gauntlet, the most recent data mining suggests the presence of a Flail in the game files. This discovery, combined with mentions of shields and unarmed combat, strongly supports the notion that the Flail will indeed be the next weapon.


Unveiling Shields through Data Mining

In the latest round of data mining, references to shields have been discovered, solidifying the idea that the Flail will be used in conjunction with a shield. The data indicates animations for various offhand conditions, including tower shield fall, Flail, loop shield fall, flay, loop, and unarmed. This is exciting news for players who have been longing for a second weapon option that can be used with a shield. The developers are serious about delivering a truly supportive and healing-focused weapon.


New World Flail Screenshot


Usable Without a Shield?

Interestingly, there are mentions of an unknown version and a real sword version in the data. While it remains unclear what these references mean, the Flail can be used without a shield. However, based on the limited information available, using a shield will likely be the preferred option to fully leverage the weapon's healing and buffing capabilities. It remains to be seen how effective the Flail will be without a shield or if there will be dual-wielding possibilities, but the focus is on creating a true paladin-style weapon.


More Data Mining Reveals the Weapon

Further data mining has unearthed additional details confirming the Flail as the next weapon. A flail playtest backstory has been discovered, indicating specific testing for this weapon. This solidifies the likelihood that the Flail will be released as the next weapon, as it wouldn't make sense to conduct specific tests for a weapon that won't be included. This data also references the previously released Great Sword and includes a mention of a Flail ability table and a Flail tier 5 600, suggesting a gear score associated with the weapon.


Ability Info

The new weapon is a Flail, and one of its abilities is a slam attack. This ability not only deals damage but also has a node for an ally buff. This buff will likely provide some form of beneficial effect to your allies. Additionally, the Flail slam has a status effect called weaken stack, suggesting that it will weaken enemies. The ability may temporarily weaken the user as well. Another known ability is called the trip, which causes enemies to trip. This ability applies an enemy debuff, the specifics of which are yet to be revealed.


Furthermore, it grants an ally a duration reduction for damage over time effects. The effectiveness of these abilities will depend on their values, which we currently need to improve. However, it's clear that this new weapon will focus on providing a variety of utility effects, both for buffing allies and debuffing enemies.


Different Shields/Weight Interactions

One intriguing aspect of this upcoming weapon is how different shield weights will interact with it. Light shields might be ideal for maximizing healing, as they offer the highest amount of healing. On the other hand, if the weapon emphasizes passive healing, buffing, and support, the shield weight might be less relevant compared to a traditional life staff. In such a case, going with a heavy shield, like a tower shield, could be a viable option for a bulky character with self-healing abilities who primarily focuses on supporting allies.


However, the middle ground, represented by a medium shield like a kite shield, might also be a compelling choice. The introduction of a shield-based class could lead to an overhaul of shield mechanics, which would be a welcomed change. Balancing shield values to scale properly with weight or even removing weight restrictions altogether would greatly enhance the versatility of shield-based loadouts.


New World OffhandOptions Shield Screenshot


Offhand Options

When it comes to offhand options, wielding a life staff alongside this shield-based weapon would create a powerful double healer-buffer build. While this is a viable strategy, there might be other choices. Given that this new weapon is designed to be somewhat in the middle, with a focus on melee combat and shield usage, many of its abilities will likely be close-range oriented. For example, a projectile-blocking shield that protects allies could be highly effective when positioned amidst the chaos of battle.


While the celestial gauntlet's former version had a similar ability, it remains to be seen if it will be reintroduced. If the buffs provided by the shield-based weapon are significant enough, it might become a staple for defensive playstyles, much like the void gauntlet and life staff. However, if you prefer a more aggressive approach, pairing the shield with a hammer could grant you crowd-control capabilities and quick self-peeling, alongside decent damage. Experimenting with various offhand options, including those focused on mobility, might yield interesting results.


Damage Type

The damage type associated with this new weapon is still a mystery. Strike damage is a logical choice for a Flail, but considering the possibility of spikes on the weapon, it might also deal partial slash or thrust damage. Additionally, since the weapon could be enchanted, it might not deal physical damage at all and instead offer a new magical damage type.


Speculations point towards arcane or lightning damage. Arcane holds significance due to its association with the original celestial gauntlet, adding a nostalgic touch. On the other hand, lightning damage could be a perfect fit for a mage-oriented weapon, but its introduction might overshadow existing lightning-based weapons. Ultimately, the developers might opt for a new, unique damage type to set this weapon apart.



While we eagerly await official announcements and the next PTR phase, the details we've gathered so far have us thrilled about the arrival of the shield-based weapon. Its abilities showcase a focus on utility, buffing allies, and debuffing enemies. Shield weight interactions and offhand choices will offer intriguing build possibilities. Furthermore, the weapon's damage type, whether strike, partial, slash, thrust, or a new magical type, will further define its play style. Stay tuned for more updates as we uncover more about this exciting addition to New World!

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