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Madden NFL 24 Reviews: Analysis of Gameplay, Modes and Presentation

Welcome to our detailed review guide of Madden NFL 24, the latest addition to the iconic Madden NFL series. With heightened anticipation surrounding EA's commitment to reinvigorate the franchise mode, this analysis offers an insightful exploration of the game's features. From the much-hyped Franchise mode overhaul to Superstar mode gameplay and presentation elements, we delve into both the highlights and areas where Madden 24 falls short.


Madden NFL 24 Reviews: Analysis of Gameplay, Modes and Presentation


Background and Context

Last year's Madden NFL 23 faced significant backlash due to game-breaking glitches and bugs, prompting public apologies and discounts from EA. Madden NFL 24, marketed as a "make or break" game for the company, is intended to mark a return to form after the disappointment of the previous year. However, despite the company's efforts to win back players, the reviewer's experience indicates that the game still needs to catch up to expectations.


Franchise Mode Overhaul

One of the key selling points of Madden NFL 24 is the franchise mode overhaul, which had been neglected for over a decade. EA promised significant changes, but the implementation needs to meet player expectations.

  • Relocation: While the relocation feature has been updated to allow for relocations at any point in the season, the reviewer points out that this change is superficial. The relocation process needs more depth, offering a limited selection of team designs and uniforms. This results in a missed opportunity to provide players with a comprehensive creative experience.
  • Training Camp Mini-Games: The return of training camp mini-games is cited as a nostalgic element from the PlayStation 2 era. However, the implementation could be more depth and polished. The mini-games offer limited challenge and little room for player improvement.
  • Filler Content: The introduction of mini-games throughout various modes of the game is criticized for adding filler content rather than enriching the gameplay experience. These mini-games are perceived as too easy, static, and underdeveloped, leading players to skip them after a few attempts.
  • Scouting System: The new scouting system in franchise mode is considered a step forward from the past, but it is also seen as lacking depth and player control. The process of hiring scouts and delegating scouting areas to the CPU is deemed less engaging than previous iterations of the game.
  • Contract Restructuring and Depth Chart: While some new features are introduced, such as the ability to trade six assets at once and turn off auto depth chart sorting, these changes are considered incremental rather than groundbreaking. The contract restructuring feature is noted to be present but needs to be fixed, highlighting a lack of quality control.


Shortcomings and Omissions

The review emphasizes the game's numerous shortcomings and omissions, pointing out several features that are missing or inadequately implemented:

  • Historic Elements: The absence of historic draft classes and different eras, common features in other sports games, is highlighted as a missed opportunity to enhance the depth and authenticity of the Madden experience.
  • Compensatory Picks, Waiver Wire, and More: The need for features such as compensatory picks, the waiver wire, the supplemental draft, three-team trades, and other essential aspects of an immersive franchise mode is criticized.
  • Quality and Stability: Despite some improvements over the years, the franchise mode's stability is questioned due to past crashes and glitches. The overall quality and polish of the mode are considered subpar.


Superstar Mode

  • Character Customization: Superstar mode in Madden 24 focuses on your journey as a quarterback, running back, receiver, linebacker, or cornerback. Unfortunately, you can't choose other positions like safety, tight end, or punter, which may disappoint some players. The character customization is decent but slightly limited compared to previous editions.
  • Starting Your Journey: Upon creating your Superstar, you'll have the choice between the League and Showdown paths. Showdown replaces The Yard and offers 3v3 football on a smaller field. However, navigating the game's menus, especially with Madden's known lagginess, might impede your overall experience.
  • The NFL Career: The NFL career mode kicks off with a skippable cutscene involving NFL personalities debating your potential as a player. You then participate in a more engaging combine, with various mini-games that let you compare your performance to other draft prospects.
  • Draft and Beyond: Following the combine, you proceed to an interview segment with basic NFL trivia questions and eventually move on to the draft. Unfortunately, the draft cutscene isn't skippable, leading to a disappointing experience if you want to hasten the process. Once drafted, you'll sign a contract and join a team.



Superstar mode gameplay is the core of the Madden experience. In Madden 24, the gameplay is a mixed bag. While there are some improvements from Madden 23, like better blocking and receiver catches, numerous bugs and awkward animations persist. The unpolished nature of the game can detract from your enjoyment.


Other Game Modes

  • Ultimate Team: Ultimate Team (UT) remains a polarizing game mode. It offers a grind-or-pay model where you collect cards to build a competitive team. While UT can be fun, it's marred by microtransactions that can sour the experience. The mode locks historic NFL content behind paywalls, which might frustrate fans seeking to play with classic teams.
  • Superstar KO: Superstar KO, found under Play Now, is relatively unchanged from previous editions. However, the roster of available teams has been halved. This mode allows for quick, casual matches and can provide some entertainment.
  • Mini Games and Big Head Mode: Madden 24 introduces Mini Games and a quirky Big Head Mode. Mini Games are available for casual enjoyment, offering simple challenges to test your skills. Big Head Mode, though limited to practice, adds a fun twist to gameplay and highlights the more arcade-style fun that could be a strong suit for EA.



Madden NFL 24's presentation has been widely criticized for its lack of depth and authenticity, particularly when compared to previous titles and other sports games. The game's overall presentation is seen as a missed opportunity to create an immersive NFL experience for players. Here's a breakdown of the presentation issues and potential improvements:

  • Lack of Broadcast Elements: The game needs pre-game, halftime, and post-game shows that are common in other sports simulations like the 2K series. These shows add to the realism and excitement of the NFL experience.
  • Improvement: Implement comprehensive pre-game, halftime, and post-game shows with relevant analysis, highlights, and interviews. Consider licensing ESPN or creating unique broadcast packages for added authenticity.
  • Crowd and Stadium Detail: The crowd animations need to be more robust, and stadium details need to be improved, leading to a lack of atmosphere during games.
  • Improvement: Improve crowd dynamics to make them react dynamically to gameplay, chants, and key moments. Enhance stadium visuals to make them more realistic and vibrant.
  • Sound Design and Music: The absence of iconic NFL Films music and lackluster in-game music contribute to the overall blandness of the experience.
  • Improvement: Incorporate NFL Films music or create unique, epic soundtracks that elevate the excitement and immersion. Add crowd chants and reactions that change according to game situations.
  • Commentary and Announcers: The repetitive commentary and unchanging announcers contribute to the monotony of the experience.
  • Improvement: Introduce diverse announcer teams to provide fresh commentary and insights. Update dialogue to prevent repetitive lines and make the commentary more engaging.
  • Loading Screens and Menus: Loading screens are uninspired, and menus suffer from lag and slow navigation.
  • Improvement: Create loading screens that display useful information like player stats, historical achievements, or classic NFL moments. Optimize menus for faster navigation and a smoother user experience.
  • Graphics and Visuals: Madden NFL 24's graphics are criticized for looking flat and lacking authenticity.
  • Improvement: Enhance player and stadium textures to create a more realistic and immersive environment. Focus on details like player animations, lighting effects, and stadium atmospheres.
  • Dynamic Elements: The game lacks dynamic changes based on gameplay, such as crowd reactions, stadium atmosphere, and broadcast overlays.
  • Improvement: Implement dynamic crowd reactions, stadium audio cues, and visual overlays that change based on game situations, creating a more engaging and immersive experience.


Bugs and Glitches

Madden NFL 24 is plagued with bugs and glitches that negatively impact gameplay and immersion. Here's how to address these issues:

  • Stability and Performance: Players have experienced frequent crashes and instability, leading to a frustrating gaming experience.
  • Improvement: Prioritize bug fixes and optimizations to enhance game stability and performance. Regular updates should address reported issues promptly.
  • Animations and Transitions: Animations and transitions in the game are often jarring and contribute to the overall buggy feel.
  • Improvement: Smooth-out animations and transitions to create a more seamless gaming experience. Address any instances of jerky or unnatural movements.
  • Legacy Code Issues: The accumulation of legacy code over the years has contributed to the game's instability and inconsistency.
  • Improvement: Invest in a comprehensive overhaul of the game's underlying code to eliminate legacy issues. This may involve reworking certain systems to ensure better stability and performance.
  • Quality Assurance and Testing: The game's release with noticeable glitches suggests inadequate quality assurance and testing.
  • Improvement: Strengthen quality assurance processes by conducting thorough testing at various stages of development. Implement a dedicated bug tracking and fixing system to ensure all issues are addressed.
  • Community Feedback: Pay attention to player feedback and bug reports to identify and prioritize issues for fixing.
  • Improvement: Set up official channels for players to report bugs and provide feedback. Regularly update players on bug fixes and improvements based on their input.



While EA's efforts to rejuvenate the franchise mode are acknowledged, the implementation needs to be revised, with superficial changes and missed creative opportunities. The Superstar mode introduces engaging elements but needs to be improved, while gameplay improvements are hindered by persistent bugs and unpolished animations. Presentation-wise, the lack of depth and authenticity disappoints, with suggestions for enhancements ranging from broadcast elements to graphical improvements. Addressing these issues, investing in quality assurance, and heeding player feedback could propel Madden NFL 24 towards a more immersive and satisfying gaming experience in the future.

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