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New World Harvesting: Is it worth your investment?

In the vast and dynamic world of New World, players have the opportunity to take on various professions, one of which is harvesting. Harvesting in New World involves gathering valuable resources from nodes scattered throughout the game world. This guide aims to answer a crucial question for adventurers: Is harvesting worth your time and investment? We'll delve into the details of gear, attributes, consumables, and other strategies to maximize your harvesting efficiency and turn it into a profitable venture.



New World Harvesting: Is it worth your investment?


Harvester Set

For starters, consider acquiring the full Harvester set. While maxing out the gear isn't necessary, owning some harvesting luck gear can make a substantial difference. Harvesting luck gear increases your chances of obtaining rare materials, which ultimately translates into higher profits. Don't forget to don a harvesting luck amulet to further boost your odds of finding those elusive items.


While other gear pieces hold less significance, having intelligence-focused accessories and weapons can provide essential benefits. Intelligence enhances harvesting speed, reduces weight constraints, and boosts yields, making it crucial for maximizing your harvesting efficiency.


Harvesting Tool

A high-quality harvesting tool is indispensable for efficient harvesting. Although a legendary tool isn't a must-have, it can substantially increase your profits by yielding extra resources per harvest. If a legendary tool is beyond your reach, a purple sickle with harvesting yield and harvesting luck attributes is a viable alternative.


Consumables & Other Buffs

Enhancing your harvesting efficiency goes beyond just gear and tools. Utilize consumables and buffs to further boost your results:

  • Breakfast Bread: Start your day with breakfast bread; it increases your luck while harvesting, improving your odds of obtaining rare materials.
  • Powerful Proficiency Boosters: When focusing on dedicated harvesting runs, powerful proficiency boosters can be a game-changer. They enhance your gathering proficiency, enabling you to gather more efficiently.
  • Trophies: Major harvesting gathering trophies are a wise investment. They increase your luck and are recommended for maximizing your profitability.
  • Fortunes Favor Buff: Play a song that grants the "Fortunes Favor" buff, providing additional yield. This translates into more materials and, ultimately, more profits.


Harvesting Results

Results from your harvesting endeavors can vary significantly based on several factors:

  • Resource Availability: The quantities of resources obtained depend on the availability of nodes in your chosen areas.
  • Competition: Other players' presence in your chosen harvesting locations can affect your yield.
  • Luck: The luck attribute plays a significant role in determining your chances of obtaining rare materials.


Keep in mind that primary resources like fiber, silk, and wire fiber are often targeted during harvesting runs. The profitability of these runs also depends on the availability of rare materials like silk threads and wire fiber. Additionally, consider converting alternative resources like dead dryad vines into craft mods to create an additional revenue stream.


Gear and Attributes

Optimizing your harvesting abilities requires careful consideration of gear and attribute points:

  • Gear: Equip gear that provides bonuses to harvesting, such as items that increase your gathering speed or yield.
  • Attributes: Allocate attribute points wisely, focusing on gathering-related attributes like dexterity or intelligence, depending on the resources you plan to harvest.


Potential Earnings

Your potential earnings from harvesting hinge on the resources you gather and the current market conditions. Evaluate the prices of the gathered materials and any craft mods that can be created from them. Sometimes, converting resources into more valuable craft mods can yield higher profits than selling them outright. Keep a close eye on the trading post prices and calculate which option would be more lucrative for you.

Based on a five-hour harvesting session, here are some potential earnings you can expect:

  • Dead Dryad Vines: Selling for 13 gold each, resulting in a potential total of 1,638 gold.
  • Blister Weave: Obtained from aptitude crates, it can be sold or used for crafting.
  • Phoenix Weave: Convert certain materials to obtain Phoenix Weave, selling for 112.50 gold each, totaling 3,937.50 gold.
  • Raw Silk: Selling for 392 gold, providing a potential profit of 1,000 gold.
  • Sateen: Selling for 15.64 gold each, accumulating to 1,564 gold.
  • Infused Silk: After five hours of farming, we had 834 infused silk, resulting in 8,365 gold.
  • Soul Mode: 775 soul mode items sold for 2.03 gold each, totaling 1,573 gold.


By selling all the harvested resources, the total earnings from a five-hour session can amount to 22,350 gold. This translates to an hourly profit of 4,470 gold. However, with patience and strategic choices, such as converting materials into more valuable craft mods or waiting for market fluctuations, the potential hourly profit can be increased to over 5,000 gold.


Recommended Harvesting Locations

Here are some recommended harvesting locations for different resources:


Hemp Windsward, Morningdale, Restless Shore, and Everfall.
Silk Morningdale, Shattered Mountain, Brightwood, and Weaver's Fen.
Wire Fiber Eden Grove, Shattered Mountain, Everfall, and Ebonscale Reach.


These locations have proven to be productive for harvesting specific resources, but remember that competition and availability may vary. Rotating through different locations and finding areas with fewer competitors can improve your chances of gathering valuable resources.



Harvesting can indeed be a profitable activity in New World if you optimize your gear, attributes, and consumables. Investing in harvesting luck gear, using a high-quality tool, and consuming appropriate consumables can significantly increase your chances of obtaining rare materials and maximizing your profits. However, it's important to note that results may vary depending on competition, resource availability, and other factors. By following the recommendations in this guide and adapting to the dynamic nature of the game world, you can make a decent amount of New World coins per hour through harvesting in New World. 

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