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New World Season 2 PTR Patch Notes: Market Updates & Enhanced Trial Loot

Welcome to the world of New World Season 2 PTR, where a cascade of exciting changes is reshaping the in-game experience. In this guide, we'll navigate the recently unveiled patch notes, focusing on market dynamics and the enhanced loot available in trials. From revamped gear sets to newfound flexibility in stat customization, explore the implications of these updates. Delve into the possibilities presented by the Golden Scarab bonus, and discover how the increased procedural gear rewards are adding depth to your gaming journey. As we embark on this adventure, we'll also touch on other PTR updates and why it's crucial to stay vigilant for future developments.


New World Season 2 PTR Patch Notes: Market Updates & Enhanced Trial Loot


Abandoned Set Updated

One of the standout changes in the Season 2 PTR patch is the overhaul of the classic Abandoned Set. This set has received some much-needed perk adjustments, breathing new life into its effectiveness in both PvP and PvE scenarios. Notably, the Freedom perk has been replaced with Human Ward, and the Invigorated perk has been replaced with Human Ward for the Hard Master set.


These alterations make these pieces of gear considerably more valuable and sought after. For instance, the Cut Bandit Shoulders, which previously had the Freedom perk, now feature Human Ward, making them a much more desirable choice for players aiming to fortify their ward gear.


Stat Changes

A crucial aspect to consider is that the stats on these gear sets can now be modified. With a specific item dropping in the Hatchery trial, players have the power to tweak the stats on their gear. This newfound flexibility adds an additional layer of customization, enabling players to tailor their gear to match their preferred attributes, whether it be strength, dexterity, or other desirable stats.


A New Perk

In addition to the Abandoned Set adjustments, other gear sets like Oasis Gray, Rubber Water Seeker, Wonder, and Warmonger have received a noteworthy enhancement. These sets now feature a new perk added to their pool as the first perk, and they will drop as purple gear. It's worth noting that the Bane and Ward perks may vary randomly, making these sets even more versatile, especially for those who may be lacking Resilient or Ward perks in their current loadouts.


The Golden Scarab Bonus

Perhaps one of the most enticing additions is the introduction of a 15% chance to obtain a Golden Scarab from the bonus box. While the specifics of this box haven't been detailed in the patch notes, it's likely to be associated with daily bonuses and may be acquired as long as you stay within the weekly drop quantity limit of seven times.


Obtaining Golden Scarabs through this bonus box has the potential to significantly affect their market price, so players who have been stockpiling them might want to consider selling them while their value remains high.


Procedural Gear Rewards

For those venturing into the trial, there's some good news as well. The number of procedural gear pieces rewarded from the normal trial has been increased from two to six. This change extends to the solo version of the trial, which mirrors the regular trial but with one boss removed. This adjustment not only adds variety to the loot pool but also makes the solo option more appealing for players who prefer to fly solo.


Other PTR Updates

While the Season 2 PTR patch includes several other updates mentioned in the patch notes, they may be less significant or interesting for most players. However, it's wise to keep a vigilant eye on future changes and developments, as they could potentially impact gameplay and the in-game market.



In total, the Season 2 PTR patch for New World is ushering in a host of market-altering updates and enriched trial loot opportunities. The revamp of the Abandoned Set, the infusion of new perks into various gear sets, the chance to obtain Golden Scarabs, and the increased gear rewards from trials offer players exciting new avenues for customization and progression. Staying informed about these changes and their potential impact on the market is key to thriving in the evolving world of New World Season 2.

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