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How to solve the problem of Bow's insufficient damage in PVP | New World Season 3?

The delicate balance of ranged combat has shifted dramatically in New World Season 3. Bow users, once a formidable force on the battlefield, find themselves grappling with an array of challenges that have left their damage output feeling lackluster. In this guide, we will dissect the reasons behind the bow's struggles in PvP, explore the impact of recent changes and new perks, and provide you with practical solutions to help reignite the power of your bow in the midst of intense battles.


How to solve the problem of Bow


The 14% PvP Nerf

The primary reason bows are struggling in PvP is the 14% damage reduction they received in Season 3 for all PvP content, including open world and Wars. This nerf has made it challenging for bow users to compete with other ranged weapons like the fire staff and ice gauntlet, not to mention the musket, which can scale damage effectively with both dexterity and intelligence. This damage reduction puts bows at a disadvantage, especially in range vs. range encounters.


Diminishing Returns on Dexterity

Dexterity (dex) is the primary attribute for bow users, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to get meaningful damage gains from it. Beyond 350 dex, the diminishing returns are severe, with only a 2% damage increase per 50 points spent. Unlike muskets, bows lack a secondary scaling attribute, leaving bow users with limited options to enhance their damage output.


Impact of New Perks

New perks introduced in Season 3, such as reduced damage while under grit and thrust conditioning, have made bow damage even less effective. These perks, combined with the increased health pool of level 65 players, create a challenging environment for bow users. Additionally, players have begun stacking thrust resistance, further reducing the impact of bow attacks.


Weapon Mastery Abilities

When examining the bow's Weapon Mastery abilities, it becomes evident that they do not significantly contribute to damage output in PvP. Rapid shot relies on light attacks and can be ineffective against players using healing abilities or defensive stances. Penetrating shot may help against some armor, but it's still limited in its effectiveness. Vot's damage is underwhelming, making it primarily a utility ability. This leaves bow users with only a few viable abilities for dealing damage.


How to Improve Bow Damage in PvP?

  • Embrace Damage Over Time (DoT): As direct damage struggles against increased resistances and health pools, focusing on damage over time effects becomes essential. Abilities like poison shot, rain of arrows, and explosive arrow inflict damage over time, and most players do not actively counter these effects. Leveraging DoT abilities and maximizing their duration can significantly increase your damage output.
  • Prioritize Damage-Specific Perks: To boost your bow's damage, look for perks that directly enhance your damage output. Prioritize perks like Enchanted (increased damage by 5%), Aural Attunement (14% damage boost with a damage-over-time component), and Keenly Jagged (10% bonus damage for 6 seconds). These perks should be considered essential on your bow, as they offer a direct boost to your damage potential.
  • Equip a Thrust Damage Ring: To compensate for thrust resistance, make sure to equip a ring with thrust damage bonuses. The additional thrust damage will help offset resistances and contribute to your overall damage output. Look for rings that offer the highest thrust damage bonus you can find.



In conclusion, bow users in New World's Season 3 PvP face significant challenges due to a 14% damage nerf, diminishing returns on dexterity, new perks, and limited viable abilities. To address these issues, prioritize damage-over-time abilities, select damage-specific perks for your bow, and equip a thrust damage ring. While the state of bows in PvP may seem challenging, focusing on these strategies can help you remain competitive and effective in your PvP encounters.

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