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Guild Wars 2 Gems and Treasures: Top 10 Best Hidden Areas in Tyria

Embark on a grand adventure through the vast and enchanting world of Guild Wars 2, where hidden wonders and secret treasures await the intrepid explorer. In this guide, we invite you to uncover the top 10 hidden areas scattered across the realms of Tyria. From secluded caves and clandestine guild hideouts to mystical mini-dungeons and serene gardens, these hidden areas offer unique experiences and breathtaking surprises. So don your explorer's pack, sharpen your senses, and prepare to be captivated by the mysteries that lie just beyond the beaten path.



Guild Wars 2 Gems and Treasures: Top 10 Best Hidden Areas in Tyria


Harathi Hinterlands Bandit Cave

Location: Harathi Hinterlands, near the Ruins of Holy Demetra.

Description: This hidden bandit cave provides a great RPG/exploration element. It is tucked away in a valley and doesn't have any map completion objectives leading to it. Inside the cave, you'll find a Cabbage Patch and a beautiful view of sunlight, a small waterfall, and a creek. The presence of a closed door adds an air of mystery to this location.


Metrica Province Underwater Cave

Location: Metrica Province, on the eastern side of the giant Loch.

Description: In the Asuran starting zone, beneath the Loch, lies an underwater tunnel leading to a hidden cave. Inside, you'll discover a small Inquest base with an event featuring a Crazy Inquest Researcher. The cave itself is visually stunning, with sunlight filtering in, lush plants, and cascading waterfalls. This hidden gem showcases the wonders beneath the surface.


Lion's Shadow Bed and Breakfast

Location: Lion's Arch.

Description: The Lion's Shadow Bed and Breakfast, owned by Innkeeper Aela, is a unique location that has evolved over time. Previously an ordinary tavern, it was destroyed during the reconstruction of Lion's Arch. Aela then purchased Yeng Isen's abandoned estate, turning it into a front for black market dealings. To gain entry, you'll need to provide the correct password to the Door Guard during the night. Explore the establishment and experience its transformed ambiance.


Order of Whispers Hideouts

Location: Various regions across Tyria.

Description: The Order of Whispers, known for its spy and stealth themes, maintains multiple secret bases throughout Tyria. While some, like the outpost in Lion's Arch and the Chantry of Secrets, are more well-known, others are hidden treasures. Two noteworthy hideouts include the Snowdrift Haven outpost in Snowden Drifts, accessible via a small Order of Whispers operation beneath the haven, and the Guutra's Homestead outpost in Lornar's Pass, accessible by interacting with the emblem on the door if you are a member of the Order.


Tears of Itlaocol Mini-Dungeon

Location: Unknown Jungle, in the Verdant Brink map.

Description: The Tears of Itlaocol is a captivating mini-dungeon found within one of the game's favourite maps. To enter, throw a boulder at a gong near the entrance. Inside, you'll navigate through traps and face Hylek enemies, culminating in a captivating puzzle. Place the Tears of Itlaocol on pressure plates to match symbols on a giant statue head. Solving the puzzle unlocks the final door. The mystique, aesthetic, and Hylek theme make this mini-dungeon truly memorable.


Gilded Hollow Shipwreck

Location: Gilded Hollow Guild hall

Description: This sunken ship within the Gilded Hollow guild hall is often overlooked by casual explorers. Positioned at the center of the guild hall, it contains intriguing Lion's Arch-themed decorations, such as a Lion's Arch flag. Venture inside to discover a treasure trove of guild wars 2 gold and other fascinating artifacts.


The Desolation Abaddon Statue

Location: Northeastern corner of the Desolation

Description: Accessible via a sand portal that requires a Jackal mount, this hidden chamber features a massive statue of Abaddon, the fallen god of knowledge and water. The area exudes beauty and mystery, making it a must-visit for lore enthusiasts. Perform emotes like /kneeling and /dancing to unlock achievements and receive the judgment of Abaddon.


Diessa Plateau Strawberry Patch

Location: Town of Nolan, Diessa Plateau

Description: Near a vista in the Town of Nolan, you'll find a small jumping puzzle that leads to an exposed pipe. Traverse the pipe to discover a breathtaking clearing adorned with cascading waterfalls and a large strawberry field at its center. Not only is this area visually stunning, but you can also harvest the strawberries for crafting purposes.


The Grove Bamboo Garden

Location: Lamprey Grottoes, Iron Marches

Description: Within the Lamprey, Grottoes resides the Grove Bamboo Garden, home to the Soot Warband and several tanks. Engage in a mini-game where you repair a tank to become an honorary member of the Warband and earn the Iron's Tailpipe Bandana, a unique headpiece. This hidden area offers a rewarding experience for players who enjoy exploring and completing special tasks.


Starbower Nursery Cave

Location: Bottom level of the Grove

Description: Arguably one of the most iconic hidden locations in Guild Wars 2, this cave captivates players with its beauty and serene atmosphere. Found within the bottom level of the Grove, it serves as a popular spot for screenshots and guild meetings. The cave holds a special place in the hearts of many players, symbolizing the essence of hidden gems.



Guild Wars 2 is filled with numerous hidden areas that reward intrepid explorers with memorable experiences. While this list highlights some of the most noteworthy locations, every player's favourite hidden spots may differ. Remember to take your time and enjoy the journey as you uncover the secrets of Tyria. Take care, and happy exploring!

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