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Guild Wars 2 Spellbreaker Build Guide: Traits, Gear, Skill and More

In this Guild Wars 2 Spellbreaker Build Guide, we'll show you how to create an Immortal Spellbreaker setup for open world adventures. Discover a defensive framework that can withstand almost any challenge and adapt it to add offense as needed. Learn how to face tank champions and handle big hitters with ease. We'll cover traits, gear, skills, and more to help you become an unstoppable force in Tyria!



Guild Wars 2 Spellbreaker Build Guide: Traits, Gear, Skill and More



After experimenting with an almost Immortal Mirage build, We wanted to see if we could recreate that level of magic with other professions in Guild Wars 2. It turns out we can make a Spellbreaker that can heal through almost anything. In this guide, we'll provide a framework for the most defensive setup and gradually introduce changes to add more offensive capabilities to the build.


Unlike our Mirage build, where we focused on avoiding damage, this Spellbreaker build is all about out-healing any damage we might take. You'll be able to face tank most champions and deal with lingering AOE fields without breaking a sweat. Let's dive into the details.


Trait Selection

Strength Trait Line:

  • Strength: This line increases our power from might, boosts critical hit chance, and makes our dodges deal damage. Burst skills also restore endurance for more dodging.
  • Peak Performance (Major Trait): Provides a free 5% damage boost and additional damage each time we use a physical skill.
  • Forceful Greatsword: Grants a chance to gain might on landing a critical hit and extra power. Might Makes Right heals us when we apply might to ourselves.


Tactics Trait Line:

  • Tactics: This line offers increased strike damage for every boon on us and heals us every time we grant might to any ally.
  • Marching Orders (Major Trait): Every 10 seconds, you'll gain Soldiers Focus, granting might to nearby allies when landing a burst skill.
  • Soldier's Comfort and Martial Cadence (Major Traits): These traits enhance Soldiers Focus, providing healing, protection, and stability to you and nearby allies when you land burst skills.


Spellbreaker Elite Specialization:

  • Spellbreaker: Caps adrenaline at two bars and allows only the use of the level one burst skill, but grants Full Counter as a powerful defensive ability.
  • Pure Strike (Major Trait): Increases critical damage by 8%, with an additional 15% boost against enemies without boons.


Skills and Utility

You can choose between a more passive or active playstyle by selecting your utility skills.


  • Passive (Signets): Signets provide bonus healing, stability, and condition cleansing. They allow for a more relaxed playstyle while still periodically activating them for additional benefits.
  • Active (Physical Skills or Shouts): Physical skills offer more crowd control and take advantage of Peak Performance's damage buff. Shouts heal you and convert power to healing power, making for a potent healing setup.


Gear and Runes

  • We recommend Celestial gear for its balanced stats, but you can choose Berserker for offense or Knights for extra toughness.
  • Marauder gear can work well in open worlds due to the extra toughness in combination with healing.
  • For runes, Infiltration runes can increase power and critical strike chance, but any runes can work depending on your preference.


Weapon Selection

  • You can choose between double daggers or a combination of main-hand dagger and off-hand axe for increased damage output.
  • Both axe skills (4 and 5) deal significant damage and can enhance your overall DPS.


Sigils and Relics

  • Sigils of Battle grant might stacks when swapping weapons, synergizing with Might Makes Right for extra healing.
  • Consider Impact for more damage or Blood for additional healing.
  • Relics like the Relic of the Defender, Relic of the Thief, or Relic of Maon can further enhance your build.


Food and Consumables

Fried Golden Dumplings can grant might on critical hits, activating Might Makes Right and healing you. You can also explore other food options that apply might on dodge for added versatility.



Use your burst (F1 skill) whenever available and try to land Full Counter (F2 skill) against enemy attacks or big hits. Maintain your auto-attack chain for might generation, and use other dagger skills for boons, enemy debuffs, and healing. Feel free to experiment with different weapons to suit your preferred playstyle.



This Immortal Open World Spellbreaker Build in Guild Wars 2 offers a unique blend of defense and offense. Whether you prefer a more passive or active playstyle, this guide provides you with the tools to face almost any challenge in Tyria. If you have any questions or want to explore other Elite specializations, let us know, and don't forget to like and subscribe for more exciting Guild Wars 2 content!

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