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Guild Wars 2 Mechanist Build: Unleash Godlike Power to Domination PvP

Guild Wars 2 PvP can be an intense experience, but with the right build, you can turn the tide of any fight. The GODLIKE Mechanist Build is one such build that has been making waves in PvP. This build offers incredible damage while also being incredibly defensive, making it simple to use but incredibly effective. In this guide, we will take a closer look at this build, its basics, playstyle, and potent combos.


Guild Wars 2 Mechanist Build: Unleash Godlike Power to Domination PvP


Build Basics

The GODLIKE Mechanist Build utilizes the pistol shield weapon choices, which run a condy kit, and the shield is just incredible when it comes to defence. The Mech is your actual damage dealer here, and your skills are here to offer more defences and escape.


Slash, engage so that you can stay alive longer and let your Mech do its thing. The superconducting signet is the only one that is offensively oriented because of the amount of burning confusion that this bad boy can cause. Notice that there are no kits, which is intentional. This build is meant to be incredibly simple and straightforward without lacking in the damage department.


Trait lines run firearms, alchemy, and Mechanist. In the firearms straight line, we focus on the improved condition damage as well as our burning, which is applied with critical hits. In the alchemy line, we go with the autonomous traits that proc instantly under conditions. And, of course, the Mechanist line, where we want the improved signets as well as a ton of extra condy damage. For the amulet, we run rabid. This is because we want some defences, but we also want crit and condition damage. Crits have a chance of causing bleeding and burning, so we want a decent amount of precision.


The condition damage is just that great damage. For the rune, we run Rune of Thorns. This is because we offer poison in the Poison Dart Volley, and our goal here is to avoid adding lots of poison damage. We want the duration. Poison reduces all incoming healing by 33%, and with that extended duration, we can have that condition up 100% of the time, barring that it isn't cleansed. For our sigils, we do the Sigil of Purging and then the Sigil of Smoldering because our burning conditions are short and intense. We want that damage to be up as long as possible. They are packed from the J-BOD as well as from crits.


Pros & Cons

  • + Great Fun To Play
  • + Conditions Overload
  • + Tons of D efensive Abilities
  • - Weaker Pressure Outside Cooldowns
  • - Low Condition, Cleansing
  • - Main Escape Has Long Cooldown
  • - Pet AI Can Wonky


Build Playstyle

With the GODLIKE Mechanist Build, you are an absolute beast in 1v1s, so difficult to bring down because of the plethora of defences like Elixir S, Shift Signet, and the Shield that you can essentially stall out as long as you need to, while your Mech wreaks havoc. This does not mean that you should not enter team fights—quite the opposite, actually, because of the vicious AoE that the Mech can bring. Given the amount of condies that this build has, it is difficult for them to all be cleansed without any major cooldowns.


Overclock Signet also does incredible damage here, as well as the burning beam that pierces through all targets. So if you can finesse a cleaving strike, you can completely swing an entire team fight. Stay on one target with your pistol and your Mech to focus them down. Remember, your Mech is your main source of damage, so your survival is paramount.


Build Combos

The build focuses on stacking conditions quickly on your enemies while dealing high amounts of damage. One of the primary combos is using Poison Dart Volley to stack the poison condition, then Max Rolling Smash and Super Conducting Signet paired with a Discharge Array. This combo not only deals incredible damage but also stacks multiple conditions on the target at a fast rate, including confusion.


Another combo is the Stun Beam Combo, which involves charging Shield 5 with stun while using Discharge Array. Then stun the target by throwing the shield and using Super Conducting Signet to gain free condi stacks while the target is stunned. You can also use Overclock Signet's Jade Buster Cannon while the target is stunned to stack burning quickly. To follow up, use Shift Signet to teleport on top of your target and use Shield 4 to knock them down and away while dealing damage.


Build Demonstration

Godlike Mechanist build is incredibly fun to play and only requires a little effort or thought to execute effectively. In the demonstration, the player uses Shield 4 and 5 liberally to stay alive while their Mech is the main source of damage. The build is shown to be highly effective in both single and multiple enemy encounters, with the Mech dealing high amounts of damage while the player utilizes their various defensive abilities to stall.


Build Analysis

This build has several pros and cons to consider.  On the pros side, the build is incredibly fun to play and takes little effort to execute effectively, a amount of guild wars 2 gold required is also very reasonable. The condition stacking is currently absurd and overwhelming for targets, even with high condition cleanse. The shield and defences of the Engineer class are fantastic, providing multiple options to stall against multiple enemies while the Mech does its work.


On the cons side, the build can get overwhelmed quickly, and its high amount of toughness can be bypassed. Once the cooldowns are used up, the player is left with little else to do other than auto attacks, giving the enemy a window of opportunity. Additionally, Mech's AI can occasionally be wonky, attacking other targets instead of the intended one.



Overall, the Godlike Mechanist build is a fantastic and fun build to play in PvP matches. It offers an easy-to-execute combo that deals high amounts of damage while providing solid defence. However, the build does have its weaknesses, and the player should be aware of them while playing. If you're interested in trying out this build or looking for other fun PvP specs, be sure to check out the video linked in the article. Good luck, and stay caffeinated!

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